This trail cam photo (taken at the pond during August 2012) confirms that mink have a presence at Chert Hollow Farm. We had suspected this based on one definite sighting in the vicinity a few years ago, combined with the knowledge that they can range widely.

Mink can be vicious predators of chickens, killing numerous birds at a time. A mink is a prime suspect in a chicken massacre that we experienced in our first year raising chickens (before we knew enough to build a sufficiently predator-proof chicken house). Mink can both dig and get through rather small openings, so considerable effort is required to build (& maintain) a mink-proof structure. On the other hand, mink almost certainly do us some good as predators of other problematic critters, such as rodents and rabbits. They’re certainly interesting animals, and we hope that we can do our part to keep them from becoming a problem for our domestic animals so that we can properly appreciate their presence.