House Cat

Felis catus

This is our friendly house feline, whose job description includes household rodent control.

She is an indoor cat for several reasons:

  • For food safety reasons, we don’t allow domestic animals in growing areas, and keeping an outdoor cat away from vegetable & herb beds that have the perfect texture of a litter box can be pretty much impossible.
  • Outdoor cats tend to decimate populations of lizards and song birds, and we like lizards and birds. We’d rather her hunting talents be exercised indoors on rodents.
  • We lost our previous cat to cytauxzoonosis, a really nasty disease that has been likened to ebola for cats. The disease is carried by bobcats, with ticks as the vector, and it is very often fatal to domestic cats. Though keeping a cat indoors isn’t guaranteed prevention (as ticks still ride into the house on us), it is a reasonable precaution.
  • She is reasonably content to stay inside; this was an attribute we tried to select for at the Humane Society, and we seem to have chosen well.