Speaking engagements

Eric & Joanna are available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics related to agriculture, food, direct marketing, ecosystem management, homesteading, and/or nature observation. Eric has a teaching background and also enjoys interacting with school-age audiences (such as this event).

Prepared presentations include:

  • Assessing the Economics of Crop Choices on a Start-up Market Farm. A detailed talk discussing the analytical methods we used to assess the relative profitability of different crops for market sales. Developed for the 2011 Great Plains Growers conference, St. Joseph, MO.
  • Developing Business Plans & Practices for Chert Hollow Farm, LLC. A broader, more philosophical talk on how we developed our business plan as it relates to farm ethics, practices, personal desires, and more. Developed for a Grow Your Farm program sponsored by Missouri Extension.
  • Starting a CSA. An overview of the multitude of decisions faced by farmers when starting a Community Supported Agriculture program. Developed for the Missouri Beginning Farmer webinar series (Nov. 2012).

Webinar presentations (from January 2012 & November 2012) of above talks are available at an archive of the Missouri Beginning Farmer program, sponsored by the University of Missouri extension. Free access is available by signing up via the Missouri Beginning Farmer webpage.

A few ideas for talks we’d like to develop:

  • Pasture-based management of small-farm/homestead dairy goats
  • Using online survey software to manage customizable CSA shares
  • Growing and marketing diverse culinary garlic in central Missouri
  • Record keeping for a diversified farm

Scheduling & fees
If you are interested in arranging a speaking engagement, please contact us to discuss scheduling & fees.