2012 CSA member events

Throughout the year we will host various on-farm events for CSA members, as a perk of membership and to allow closer ties to the farm. These are not open to the general public. Below is the general calendar for these events, so members can plan ahead to attend those of interest. This will be updated regularly to reflect RSVPs and other timely information.

Second Saturdays
For most of the year, the second Saturday afternoon of each month will feature a general on-farm event appropriate to the season. There is no attendance limit for these, but RSVPs would be appreciated for planning purposes. Please note whether children, who are welcome, will be attending. Rain dates for all Saturday events will be Sunday at the same time.

Fourth Sundays
For most of the year, the fourth Sunday evening of each month will host a dinner for up to 4 people; this could be one household with children or multiple smaller households. There should be enough of these to allow everyone to attend once if desired. The standard menu will be fresh pizza featuring on-farm ingredients, possibly including fresh/preserved produce & herbs, farm cheese, farm cured meats, and more depending on attendee preference and seasonal availability. Polenta with similar toppings is an option for gluten-intolerant members. We’ll take a walk through the fields & herb garden before dinner so we can fresh-harvest as many of the ingredients as possible. Feel free to reserve a date as far in advance as you like, to help with planning.

Note that event start times shift through the year to account for changes in day length and likely seasonal weather.

Sunday, 2/19, 1-4 pm. Farm/nature walk, indoor discussion & tastings.

Saturday, 3/10, 1-4 pm. Farm/nature walk, indoor discussion & tastings. (A repeat of 2/19, as many interested folks were unable to attend.)

Sunday, 3/25, 5 pm. Member dinner, 4 slots available. A good time for omnivores.

Saturday, 4/14, 1-4 pm. Meet/pet the new goat kids, spring wildflower/bird walk. There will be new kids, new chicks, lots of growing produce, and much more.

Sunday, 4/22, 6 pm. Member dinner, 4 slots available. A good time for omnivores.

We’re likely to have an extra nature walk or two in April, as it is one of our favorite months to enjoy spring wildflowers, watch birds, and hunt morels. We may announce some walks with short notice to take advantage of weather.

Saturday, 5/12, 1-4 pm. Cheesemaking demonstration & tasting, possibly including ricotta, chevre, feta, and/or aged cheddar.

Sunday, 5/27, 6 pm. Member dinner, fully reserved (no slots remain). A good time for cheese lovers.

May is the month for serious birding. We’ll be taking some early morning warbler walks. Again, we may announce some walks with relatively short notice.

Saturday, 6/9, 1-4 pm. Children’s day: varied fun, educational activities tailored to interests and ages of interested attendees. Possibilities include scavenger hunt, chicken investigations, stream walk/rock collecting, learning about bones/snake skins/shells/furs/etc., field/soil explorations, and so on. Please RSVP with advice on ages and interests so we can prepare properly.

Sunday, 6/24, 6 pm. Member dinner, 2 slots available (2 taken). A good time for cheese lovers & omnivores.

Saturday, 7/14, 3-6 pm. Food preservation/canning demonstration. We’ll demonstrate our canning techniques with whatever produce is available (likely cucumber pickles). This event should fall just before the main pulse of heat-loving summer items begins to appear (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), so it will be a good chance to prepare for the peak of preservation season.

Sunday, 7/22, 6 pm. Member dinner, 4 slots available. A good time for anyone.

Saturday, 8/11, 3-6 pm. General member open house, produce tasting/comparisons possibly including garlic tasting.

Sunday, 8/26, 6 pm. Member dinner, 4 slots available. A good time for vegetarians.

Saturday, 9/8, noon-3 pm. Member potluck; show off what you’re doing with farm products and enjoy lots of good food.

Sunday, 9/16, 5 pm. Member dinner, 2 slots reserved, 2 slots still available. A good time for vegetarians.

No mid-month event; 10/14 is our anniversary and we’d like the weekend to ourselves. An extra-big event is planned for 10/27 instead:

Saturday, 10/27, 3-10 pm. Cabrito & campfire: goat kid pit-roasted Mexican-style with lots of sides, including plenty of vegetarian options.

Saturday, 12/8, 2-4 pm. Discussion of the book Rambunctious Garden with author Emma Marris.

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