About Community Supported Agriculture

We will not be offering CSA shares in 2016, as we explain here.

Consumers who join a CSA are making a commitment to a farm they like and support. As LocalHarvest.org accurately states: “…implicit in the CSA concept is the idea that members share with the farmer the risk that some crops might do poorly due to bad weather, pest problems, and the like. With so many crops included in a CSA, it is expected that even if some languish, others will flourish and there will be plenty of food overall. Members pay the same whether it turns out to be a bumper year or a skinny one.”

This commitment allows the farm a more stable income stream and a guaranteed outlet for farm products, thus reducing two of the greatest risks in direct-market small farming. In return, the CSA member has a known and trusted source for more of their food supply, and a more convenient way to receive that food than shopping at stores or markets. The Chert Hollow Farm CSA program is intended for consumers who care strongly about local organic foods and the long-term sustainability of farms that make this possible.

Highlights of the Chert Hollow Farm CSA

  • 25-28 weekly shares of our farm’s diverse produce, fresh & in-season: Prepare fresher, tastier, healthier meals than ever.
  • Online share customization: the option to reject what you don’t want & request extras when available. Maximize your enjoyment and minimize waste.
  • Roughly 150 varieties of fresh vegetables & herbs, with limited specialty fruits & mushrooms, all grown on our one farm: Explore the potential of Missouri agriculture and experience a level of quality and diversity you won’t find at any store.
  • Convenient share delivery to your home, workplace, or the World Harvest international store in south Columbia. No need to fight market crowds or remember a specific pickup time, plus your produce stays fresher in all weather conditions.
  • Educational opportunities drawn from your farmers’ extensive experience in seasonal cooking, home sustainability, food preservation, agriculture and land management, and more: Learn new skills from professionals.
  • Direct support for the local economy and environment: Vote for sustainability with your wallet & your fork.

For more information, including how to sign up, please see the 2014 CSA details page.

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