Animal products

We are no longer selling milk or eggs. This page remains for archival purposes.

We sell limited quantities of eggs and goat milk directly to CSA members. Our animal products are not certified organic; management practices for the animals are consistent with our ethics, and customers are encouraged to read the management descriptions on this website, to visit the animals themselves, and to ask as many questions as they like.

Eggs are available at $6/dozen from our small flock of free-range chickens. We sell eggs primarily to CSA members who choose home/work delivery (eggs can be ordered in the weekly share-customization form) or who visit the farm. We cannot deliver eggs with shares picked up at World Harvest, for reasons explained here. In the off season, we set up egg deliveries in town to a member’s house where other CSA members can pick them up.

A study by Mother Earth News has shown eggs from pastured birds to have superior nutritional value compared to confined counterparts. We don’t have data for eggs from our own flock, but we think the flavor & quality of these eggs alone makes them worth the effort and expense.

Goat Milk
Kidding is expected in mid-April.
  In the meantime, read more about goat management, our milking methods, and our raw milk sales policy.

We do not sell meat, partly because of the regulatory requirements that make meat sales inefficient and uneconomical for small farms. For CSA members, we are considering the possibility of offering “pluck your own” chicken butchering sessions. We would sell the live chicken and provide provide facilities for & guidance on processing.