Since 2007 we’ve raised and sold a wide variety of farm products through farmers markets, wholesale, a CSA program, and directly from the farm. Vegetables have always been our focus, but we’ve also sold strawberries, mushrooms, and farm-cut cedar lumber. In 2015 we began to shift our focus away from full-time farming, combining a planned transition from annual vegetables to perennial polyculture with development of new sources of income.

Cash crops

We’re still growing our diverse culinary garlic, marketed direct-to-consumer and wholesale in Columbia. Garlic harvest takes place in late June and early July. Sales begin after a curing period of about 6 weeks and continue through early winter.

Freelance business

In 2016 we officially launched a new website for our freelance business offering a variety of writing, GIS & data management, and educational services. In the past few years we’ve written for a variety of outlets including Growing for Market, Feast, and Missouri Life magazines while building our programming skills and offering classes through several venues. Visit the link above for more information, including portfolios.

Educational farm visits

We offer opportunities for visitors interested in learning more about sustainable food production and ecology, and lead talks and field trips in a variety of settings. See our farm visit site for details.

Speaking engagements

Eric & Joanna are available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics related to agriculture, food, direct marketing, ecosystem management, homesteading, and/or nature observation. Prepared presentations include:

Cedar products

Most winters we spend at least some time on forest-improvement work, often focusing on thinning and removing abundant cedar trees to encourage biodiversity and landscape health. This work results in a variety of wood products that may be available seasonally, including logs, posts, custom-milled lumber, or manufactured items such as birdhouses, garden bed frames, or small outbuildings. If you are interested in any of these products, please read more about our cedar products and contact us to inquire about availability, keeping in mind that we do not ship items or function as a full-time lumberyard.