CSA distribution #17 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday August 26 and Thursday August 29. The following Monday (Sept. 2) is Labor Day, and we WILL be delivering as usual that day & week. As noted on our web calendar, we have a break built into the schedule in mid-September. To avoid the build-up of too much produce, we are staggering the days that won’t have shares. There will be NO share on Monday September 9 or Thursday September 19. Deliveries will be normal on Thursday the 12th and Monday the 16th. We skipped the break that we had hoped to take in June due to the weather-induced late start to the season, but at this point we are on track (barring catastrophe) to have 26 or 27 distribution weeks by Thanksgiving, so we think we’re justified in taking a breather.

Don’t forget this Saturday’s CSA potluck & farm tour, your best chance to see the farm in mid-season, meet other members, and explore their culinary skills. Leave a comment, or email us, to let us know you’re coming. Continue reading

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CSA distribution #15 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday August 12 and Thursday August 15. We knew last week’s utopian theme wouldn’t last, and sure enough we’ve confirmed an outbreak of Spotted Wing Drosophila (see below) on the farm that is devastating our blackberries and could spell disaster for all sorts of berry harvests in future years; there’s also at least some concern regarding tomatoes. The exact contents of this week’s share are uncertain, being dependent on a variety of items yielding enough, which in turn mostly depends on actually getting enough sun for that to happen. Continue reading

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2013 CSA potluck & produce tasting

We’re excited about hosting our annual potluck & produce tasting for CSA members on Saturday, August 24 starting at noon. We’ll start by setting out food, then eating & socializing; this event is a great way to meet other members. Next, we’ll tour the farm & digest a bit. Finally, we’ll return to the house for a produce tasting that will most likely feature multiple varieties of tomatoes & sweet peppers.

Members: Please RSVP by commenting on this post, sharing what you intend to bring, so the menu can be balanced by all attendees without a lot of coordination on our part. If you’re not sure yet, even a general category (main dish, side, salad, dessert, etc.) is helpful for planning. Feel free to add more specifics later, if you wish. If you’d rather not use your full name, that’s ok as your email address (required to comment but not displayed on the site) should identify you to us. Read on below for more details & guidance.

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Bird list & other natural events, July 2013

This July really ought to be discussed in two parts. The first 3 weeks or so, it was seasonal to warm and really dry: we only recorded 0.25″ of rain through July 20. That’s worse than the equivalent period in July 2012, in the midst of the brutal drought. We were getting really worried about a growing repeat of that year, especially given the less than two inches recorded in all of June.  As we noted in last month’s natural post, “With some reasonable rain soon, we could be primed for a nice summer”. It took another three weeks, but then two and a half inches in the last ten days turned things around and got us headed into August with wonderfully seasonal to cool temperatures. All in all, we’ll look back on this month with fondness, now that we know how it ends. Still, only 2.71″ total compared to a monthly average of 4.37″ means we remain in a dry spell that could quickly turn problematic again. Continue reading

CSA distribution #13 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday July 29 and Thursday August 1. Nice weather and good food have balanced a few unfortunate surprises this week. This is roughly the halfway point of the CSA for members, though given the long lead time for actually growing produce, it doesn’t feel the same way on the farm! Continue reading

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Eggplant: Call for recipes

We’re finally growing eggplant! To be honest, it is one of those veggies that we’ve never loved. However, a number of members have expressed considerable fondness for eggplant, and Joanna can’t resist trying new crops, so we’ve finally decided to give this one a try. The plants have set their first fruits, so now we just have to figure out when to pick them and how to prepare them. The best way to ensure a future of eggplant on this farm is to convince us of some ways to use it that we can’t live without. Please use the comment thread to share your favorite preparation tips, techniques, & recipes. Continue reading