CSA distribution #7 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday June 17 and Thursday June 20. Another week of reasonable weather and lots of work getting done in these long early summer days. We enjoyed showing members around the farm on Sunday and are looking forward to the next event. Everything’s growing, and if the weather doesn’t throw us any more curve balls we’re set up for a reasonable summer. Continue reading

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Thank you to our 2013 work-share members

We hosted a lunch on Sunday to thank our work-share members, who pay for their shares through work rather than cash. These folks brave the ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, heat, cold, rain, and more every week to help keep the farm running smoothly. They weed beds, harvest produce, mulch plants, move animal fences, turn compost, pack shares, weed beds, hoe beds, sharpen tools, squish squash bugs, weed beds, un-mulch plants, put up trellises, take down trellises, trim cedar branches, and more. Oh, and did we mention that there’s some weeding involved? We couldn’t do this without help, and we’re very grateful for the excellent crew we have this year. Thank you! Continue reading

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Turtle soup

Recently a friend gave us some fresh turtle meat he’d caught, knowing we’d be interested in trying it. Snapping turtle is a legal game species in Missouri, though one we’ve never experimented with before. The meat itself is delicious, and I used it to make some Creole-style spicy stew, adapting an online recipe to use farm-sourced ingredients we had on hand. It came out so well I decided to share my approach, as it’s a great example of adapting recipes to use in-season CSA produce and a soup that could easily be made vegetarian or with other more typical meats. Continue reading

CSA distribution #6 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday June 10 and Thursday June 13. It’s been a refreshingly pleasant week, with seasonable temperatures and drier conditions allowing us to get a great deal of work done while being generally conducive to proper plant growth. More like this, please! We’re looking forward to the CSA events this Sunday, including our worker-appreciation lunch from 11-1 followed by a general CSA member tour from 1 onward. We hope many of you can join us to enjoy the farm in its reasonably good, if still somewhat muddy, condition. For those who can’t, we’re including a photo essay of many oncoming crops in this newsletter. Continue reading

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No phone service (NOW FIXED)

Phones are back up again.

We currently have no phone service, with uncertain date of repair, but our internet is still working. With a distribution coming up tomorrow, we wanted to note this in case anyone needs to get in touch. Please use email if needed, with the understanding that who knows if that will stop working too.

Bird list & other natural events, May 2013

Having summarized last month as “We could write a novel about how frustrating April’s weather was“, we’re now working on a Tolkien epic of meteorological frustration for May. With a total recorded rainfall of exactly 12.00″ and just over 7″ in the final week, compared to an average monthly total of 4.98″ for Columbia, this aspect of the last part of the month was miserable. We had our last spring frost on the morning of May 12, which is relatively late for us, though we have seen mid-May frosts before. However, it was a great birding month, with all sorts of interesting species moving through and the late spring leaf-out providing better viewing conditions. We were able to take numerous mushroom-hunting walks in the woods (with limited success) and otherwise generally enjoyed the natural-history part of the farm even as the rains refused to stop. Read on for some interesting photos and a massive bird list. Continue reading

CSA distribution #4 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday May 27th (Memorial Day) and Thursday May 30th. This will be another relatively small share, but keep in mind that we’re still weeks behind on the growing calendar, and are providing 100% field-grown crops (no hoophouses or other such infrastructure). Even the big commodity farmers have been way behind planting schedule, though they get lots of support that vegetable growers don’t. Even though the spring crops have been off to a slow start, we have every hope of achieving an abundant summer & fall, providing an excellent quantity and quality of diverse produce for all of us to enjoy. Continue reading

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CSA distribution #3 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday May 20th and Thursday May 23rd. We hope and intend that shares will be weekly from now on, though the next few may still be somewhat small as crops catch up from the late spring. If you have questions about the delivery schedule, please check our web-calendar. For Monday members: Please note that the following Monday (May 27) is Memorial Day, when we will be delivering as usual; rapidly growing vegetables do not respect holidays. If you will have a problem receiving or picking up your share that day, please let us know via the survey. From now on, Monday members will receive their survey on Fridays, Thursday members on Mondays. Continue reading

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