CSA distribution #13 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday July 29 and Thursday August 1. Nice weather and good food have balanced a few unfortunate surprises this week. This is roughly the halfway point of the CSA for members, though given the long lead time for actually growing produce, it doesn’t feel the same way on the farm! Continue reading

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Eggplant: Call for recipes

We’re finally growing eggplant! To be honest, it is one of those veggies that we’ve never loved. However, a number of members have expressed considerable fondness for eggplant, and Joanna can’t resist trying new crops, so we’ve finally decided to give this one a try. The plants have set their first fruits, so now we just have to figure out when to pick them and how to prepare them. The best way to ensure a future of eggplant on this farm is to convince us of some ways to use it that we can’t live without. Please use the comment thread to share your favorite preparation tips, techniques, & recipes. Continue reading

CSA distribution #11 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday July 15 and Thursday July 18. It’s been another dry, sunny week on the farm, which is fine in the short run but starting to become worrisome if it keeps up this way. We’re definitely deep in the transition between spring and summer crops, but seem to be in position to bridge this gap with little disruption to the diversity of the shares. Continue reading

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CSA share available for rest of season

One of our members has unexpectedly moved out of the country and so has left the CSA. This share has not been fully paid for and we want very much to have this slot filled ASAP, as we’ve planned and planted the crops for the rest of the year already. Please contact us if interested, or pass on the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

Full share for Monday (or possibly Thursday) deliveries through Thanksgiving or the end of the CSA season (see calendar). Pro-rated cost $750 $700 (tax included) for the rest of the year, assuming World Harvest delivery. Home/work delivery possible if location works with our delivery route, for small additional cost.

CSA details

CSA member guidelines

Photo record of this year’s shares

Contact us for more information or to discuss options.



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Bird list & other natural events, June 2013

This June was a generally pleasant month, with stable seasonal temperatures and a reasonable hot spell toward the end. It’s been quite dry, with only 1.89″ of rain recorded on the farm, compared to a monthly average for Columbia of 4.47″. Even that total is misleading, since much of that rain came in light, isolated showers, which didn’t really soak in before the intense sun burned it off. Only twice did we receive more than 0.25″ at a time. This dryness has been good in the short term, counteracting the cold wet spring, but it feels like an approaching tipping point. If it stays this dry here, we’ll start entering drought concerns again. With some reasonable rain soon, we could be primed for a nice summer. While crop pests haven’t been a major problem, lots of human pests like ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, and more have been a constant source of frustration. Read on for a photo essay of interesting wildlife and the monthly bird list. Continue reading

CSA distribution #9 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday July 1 and Thursday July 4. We will be delivering shares on July 4 as early as possible, hopefully by mid-late morning, to facilitate members’ holiday plans. It’s been the hottest week of the year so far, and we’ve been hard at work finishing off many spring items and transitioning to summer crops, while hosting a family visit. Continue reading

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