CSA distribution #24 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday October 28 and Thursday October 31. We’ve now loosely scripted out the remaining shares and we’re simply hoping for reasonable weather through Thanksgiving. We expect shares to be smaller from now on, after many weeks of overflowing bags and super-abundant produce, but there should still be 8-9 items in each share (plus herbs). The farm is as busy as ever as we continue to manage the transition into fall while getting next year’s garlic planted. Continue reading

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Planning the final four CSA shares

With four shares to go in our 2013 CSA season, we’ve spent some time discussing the remaining produce and how to best divide it among these remaining distributions. At this point most crops are stable, just waiting to be harvested and/or stored until used, with a few exceptions. Here’s a rough look at how we hope the season plays out. We thought this might be useful both for meal planning, and as a look under the hood of CSA management. Continue reading

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CSA distribution #23 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday October 21 and Thursday October 24. There are five shares remaining in the season (including this one), culminating in the Thanksgiving share going out to everyone on Monday 11/25. Remember to consult our online calendar if you are uncertain of the schedule. The Fall Harvest Celebration is coming up on November 2nd as well: please be sure to complete  the RSVP survey we sent out, to help us plan this major event properly. This is your best remaining chance to visit and take part in the farm this season, and we hope to make it a well-attended and thoroughly worthwhile event. Continue reading

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Bird list & natural events, September 2013

September was extraordinarily busy, but also mostly glorious on the weather front. Temperatures were stable to slightly warm, putting off any threat of early and unwanted frost. Though it started as dry as previous months, we finally started receiving meaningful rainfall and ended up above average for the first time since May (4.46″, over the 3.87″ average at the Columbia gage). It’s a measure of just how dry things were, that after receiving 2.76″ overnight in mid-September, our stream never flowed and there were virtually no puddles on the farm. The parched soil and vegetation sucked all the water up as fast as it fell. But this month as a whole positioned us for a lovely fall. Continue reading

CSA distribution #22 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday October 7 and Thursday October 10. The week after (Oct 14 & 17) will be a break, during which we’ll celebrate our anniversary and continue to catch up on farm work, then we’ll be back to a weekly schedule of deliveries for a few weeks. At this point, it appears that we should have plenty of produce to do a distribution for the last week of October (the 28th & 31st), a week that we had initially marked as uncertain. With a couple weeks of visiting help adding to our workforce, we’re currently working hard on fall cleanup and frost preparation, enjoying the sensation of being ahead of the curve on this for once (thank the pleasant weather and late frost as well). Under the circumstances, this will be a minimalist newsletter. Continue reading

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CSA distribution #21 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday September 30 and Thursday October 3. The harvest quantities are currently bounteous, and one of our biggest worries right now is how to fit everything in the bags. We’ve started to put shares that are overflowing due to lots of extra requests into two bags. We’re afraid that even standard full shares may be pushing the overflow level by next week, now that multiple bulky leafy greens are ready for harvest. On the other hand, several summer crops have dropped off in production enough to retire them, including cukes, zukes, okra, and ripe tomatoes. But lots of great fall flavors are appearing in their place. Continue reading

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CSA distribution #20 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday September 23 and Thursday September 26. This return to regular weekly distributions will also mark the transition into fall crops, as a number of long-running summer items will be replaced by new ingredients for you to enjoy. It’s been a busy few weeks of catching up with overproduction and work backlogs, but we’re cautiously optimistic about moving forward into fall.

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Help free Shakir Hamoodi, for his sake and ours

Once again, supporters and family of Dr. Shakir Hamoodi are mounting an effort to convince President Obama to commute his current 3-year jail sentence to time served, achieving his release and return to his family & business (past efforts have been ignored). Beyond our personal opinion of the matter, discussed in this piece from last year, this situation affects every member of the Chert Hollow Farm CSA and all those with an interest in the stability and success of our farm. Continue reading

CSA distribution # 19 & newsletter

This share is staggered over two weeks in an attempt to give your tired farmers a bit of a break; thus the distributions will be Thursday September 12 and Monday September 16, with normal distributions resuming Monday the 23rd. The impressive produce abundance is wearing us down, with near-constant harvest & food preservation sucking up time and energy, particularly in the hot dry conditions that also make irrigation a constant management concern. This is not unique to us, as noted in recent newsletters from both Happy Hollow Farm and Fair Share Farm. Thus we present a minimalist newsletter; enjoy the abundance of produce while it lasts. Continue reading

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