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Many new CSA members cite a desire to eat more produce and/or to learn more about cooking with fresh ingredients. This can seem daunting at first. Cooking with CSA shares does require some different skills and methods than cooking from the grocery store. Fortunately, fresh, high quality produce lends itself to relatively simple preparations that can showcase the natural flavor of the food without too much effort. Here’s our take on ways to maximize your use of CSA produce while learning some (potentially) new kitchen & meal-planning skills.

Some strategies to make the most of a CSA:

    • Rely on simple preparations: Why fuss over strawberry shortcake when you can just rinse the strawberries and put them in a bowl for a stunning dessert? Let the quality of our produce speak for itself. We work hard to select delicious varieties and manage for healthy soil to provide the tastiest produce possible.
    • Allocate a little time each week for meal planning
    • Develop confidence in making substitutions in recipes
    • Make use of flexible master recipes
    • Preserve food when it is available in abundance (& be sure to use it within an appropriate time frame)
    • Get inspired by exploring a new cookbook (the library has an extensive collection); see a list of some of our favorites [coming soon] here

CSA is about community, so we welcome members to share favorite cooking ideas, recipes, weekly meal plans, or food photos on the blog (or email us and we’ll share your ideas in a newsletter). Taking part in farm events is also a great way to cross-pollinate with other food-loving CSA members.


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