Farm management

Farm management strategies are guided by principles of long-term sustainability; we intend to make a living while improving our farm’s ecology and land quality. We are committed to organic principles for reasons of sustainability, effectiveness, sensibility, and economics, and base our methods on extensive reading, on-farm observation, monitoring, experimentation, and recordkeeping.

Our produce was Certified Organic from 2009-2013. Our aversion to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, and so forth is based on our informed opinion that these seemingly quick fixes to agricultural challenges come with serious, unintended, often insufficiently understood negative consequences to consumers, farmers, and/or the environment. Instead, we integrate traditional sustainable farming methods with appropriate and practical modern innovations.

We minimize off-farm inputs and rely heavily on low-overhead, low-impact non-mechanized methods as we work to integrate produce, fruit, livestock, poultry, grains, pasture, and more into a diversified farm that is environmentally sustainable and economically independent. Every year we save more of our own seed, and work hard to minimize the off-farm inputs we purchase or import.

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