CSA member guidelines

We will not be offering CSA shares in 2016, as we explain here.

This page presents specific information and guidance for CSA members. Background information on the CSA structure for 2014 can be found here. Share schedules and members events can be reviewed on our webcalendar.


A few days prior to your delivery day (usually Friday for Monday, Monday for Thursday) you’ll receive an email with a link to both the newsletter (published on the website), and the online survey in which you can customize your share. It helps us a lot if you fill this survey out every week. This makes our system function properly and saves us time, while telling us you know the share is coming. Fill out the survey so we know what you do and don’t want, and what you’d like to have extras of if available. This helps to minimize waste of produce and to put available produce into the hands (& mouths) of those who are able to use it.

The deadline for filling out the survey is typically noon on the day prior to your distribution. We need this lead time to compile the surveys, finish any harvest, and pack/deliver the shares. If we have not received your survey by the time we start to compile the surveys, we will fill out the survey for you and give you a standard share of the basic produce items. If you forget to fill out your survey and we do it for you, we will omit herbs, because there’s typically a lot of choice available for those and we don’t like to have to guess what you want. If you will not be able to take a share (due to travel, etc.), please either let us know in advance or fill out the survey for that distribution to reflect this situation so that we don’t pack a share that you won’t be able to use.

There’s a token embedded in the survey link so that we know which survey belongs to who; thus, you don’t need to include your name in the survey response. We send only one survey email to each household to prevent duplicate responses. You can, however, forward the survey email to a spouse or other member of the household for them to fill out.

It’s important to understand that turning down an item through the survey does not guarantee you more of something else. The option to reject something is simply an efficiency for all of us, saving you the hassle of discarding an unwanted item and saving us the waste of giving it to you when someone else will likely value it. You will get the best value from your CSA by not turning down anything, but there are times it’s better to do so if it will be wasted otherwise. Along the same lines, requesting extras doesn’t guarantee you’ll get them. Availability and quantities of extras are entirely dependent on the harvest, and the requests of other members. We won’t know until packing morning what requests we can accommodate, and you won’t know until you get your bag. Like rejections, extras allow the CSA to place produce where it’s most useful and wanted, and you will get the best value from your membership by being flexible and willing to take, eat, & preserve whatever is available. Remember, in exchange for the extra flexibility & value of share customization, we ask that you not share produce beyond your immediate household/family, to be fair to other members and ourselves.


We pack shares on the mornings of Monday and Thursday, and usually leave on delivery after lunch. Thus most shares will arrive between 1 and 3 p.m., almost certainly before 4 p.m. unless there are unavoidable delays on the farm due to weather or other issues. If something happens to cause us to miss the 4 p.m. deadline, we will send out a notice by email as soon as we anticipate the delay. Shares will be packed in cloth bags (made in USA of organic cotton and printed locally). It is your responsibility to return these bags each week to keep our system running smoothly. No need for members to wash these, as we wash all bags each week using our solar hot water system and cannot keep track of who has self-washed and who has not. Bags will be labelled with your name and numbered, so we can accurately track their movements.

World Harvest Deliveries

These members may pick up their shares any time after delivery and during store hours (open until 7 p.m.), or the following day. We strongly urge you to pick up shares the same day, to ensure the highest quality produce and to save the store work and concern. Simply walk up to the counter and ask for your share by name; after a few weeks they’ll probably know you by face. Also remember to bring back your previous cloth bag; they’ll store it behind the counter for us to pick up. You might also want a cooler to transport the share in if you’re not going home right away, again to ensure maximum quality of the very fresh produce you’ll be receiving.

Home/work deliveries

These will happen on the same time schedule; please be sure to either set out a cooler with ice if necessary (home) or have a way to properly store the share at work (cooler, fridge) to ensure the highest quality produce. We are very protective of our high-quality products, and will not deliver items if there are no precautions for storage (i.e., if there’s no cooler set out on a hot day, we’ll take that share to World Harvest rather than let the produce go bad on your porch). You will need a cooler that can hold the equivalent volume of a large paper grocery sack along with room for a bit of ice when necessary; small lunch coolers are NOT sufficient. Please remember to leave your previous week’s delivery bag for us to pick up.The left-hand cooler will be barely sufficient for a single share, certainly not for a full share. The right-hand cooler is about right, shown with a typical delivery bag. Full-share members requesting lots of extras in a bounteous season may need a larger cooler than this.CSA2_5 EGG PURCHASES

Our high-quality pastured eggs will be available for order & delivery each week for members with home/work delivery. Simply select the number of cartons you want and ensure your cooler has enough room for both produce & eggs. Please don’t include direct payment; we maintain a balance for all members and bill periodically, which is much more efficient for us than handling lots of little payments. We cannot deliver eggs to World Harvest, for reasons laid out here. However, we will arrange periodic deliveries of eggs to a member’s house in central Columbia, where members can pick them up from an outdoor cooler. Fresh eggs have a very long shelf life, and you will receive eggs no more than a few weeks old, often only a few days old. (If you plan to boil them, they will peel better if they have been aged a few weeks.)

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