Australian Brown Onion

This is the best intermediate day length, open-pollinated, storage onion that we’ve found. We seed these in February, transplant in late March (or so), and harvest in July. The onions below are ready for harvest.


In 2012, we dabbled in seed saving for this variety. We picked the biggest & best looking onions from the 2011 crop, stored them through the winter, culled any that sprouted too prematurely, and planted the remainder. They flowered and successfully set seed, which we collected during the drought.


Seed sources: We originally found this onion through Baker Creek. Certified organic seed has started to become available, including from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.


A pretty domestic flower that provides a useful marker for the progress of spring; see the blooming dates listed below.

First recorded date of bloom:

2007: March 21
2008: March 31
2009: March 25
2010: March 28
2011: March 21
2012: March 7
2013: April 2
2014: April 3
2015: no data
2016: March 8
2017: March 2