Homesteading fundamentals class March 19 2016

On March 19, we’ll be hosting a class at the farm called “Homesteading Fundamentals” through the Columbia Area Career Center; registration here. If you aspire to increase your level of self-sufficiency, this course is for you, whether you are an urban apartment dweller or someone who already has calluses from working the back 40. Structured as an extended farm tour that will range from fields to kitchen to orchard to woods to bookshelf, our goal is to provide inspiration and a multitude of ideas such that everyone will head home excited to try something new as spring begins.

We’ll draw on our decade of experience growing vegetables in Missouri, as well as knowledge we’ve gained through experience with composting, starting an orchard, woodlot management, forest farming, and permaculture. Raising animals for meat, milk, and eggs is another part of our homesteading repertoire. In the kitchen, we ferment, freeze, dry, and can a multitude of homegrown or locally produced ingredients so that our diet is rich in local foods year-round, including homemade cheese, sauerkraut, wine, pickles, sausage, canned tomatoes, an abundance of produce in season, and much more.

We intend to focus our time on the topics of most interest to participants. Here’s a laundry list of possibilities: Continue reading

Recent & upcoming farm tours

We recently hosted a farm tour for Earth Dance Farms, a sustainable farming educational organization based in St. Louis. We were one stop on their 2-day trip that allows their interns/apprentices to visit & learn from various mid-Missouri farms. The visit was quite enjoyable with lots of interest and enthusiasm on both sides. Their summary of the whole trip can be read here, serving as a really interesting take on just how diverse individual approaches to farming can be. We humbly note, however, that we hold only Master’s degrees, not PhDs. In addition to writing about the visits, they also sent us a nice thank-you including this pleasant summary:

I know that all of our apprentices were amazed by your farm. It is unique amid all of the other farms we visit, in the Columbia area and closer to us in STL. Seeing it and understanding your practices inspires people to expand their thinking about what a “farm” means.

For CSA members who would like to enjoy a similar visit to the farm, we’ll be holding a tour this Saturday from 2-4 pm. The weather looks reasonable, so this will be a great chance to enjoy a pretty walk through our pastures, fields, and forests as spring finally takes hold. We’ll also be able to answer any last-minute questions before deliveries begin next week, and hope many folks can attend in order to meet other CSA members and start building this year’s community. If you need directions, please email us.