New stories: Audubon Societies in Missouri and SARE grants

We have two new stories out in magazines this month, both of which may be of interest to readers of this site.

In the June/July issue of Missouri Life magazine, Eric writes about the diverse activities of local and state Audubon Societies in Missouri. As avid birders, we welcomed the chance to learn more about what birding groups are doing throughout the state, and hopefully inspire readers to get involved in bird-watching and conservation. Interviewing representative from eleven different organizations was a time-consuming but fascinating process, and we hope readers enjoy the result. While you can read the story online, we’re sure a physical copy will do the accompanying photography more justice.

The map below is a draft Joanna developed to accompany the story, though the magazine chose not to purchase it. So we’re sharing it here:


In the June-July issue of Growing for Market magazine (only available through a paywall), we write about the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) program, which funds research supporting sustainable agriculture. SARE is a really neat program that draws heavily on farmer expertise to ensure that its research is relevant and practical, and in the story we explain how farmers can get involved by proposing a research project, serving as a grant reviewer, or exploring the decades of useful research contained in SARE’s database. If you’re not a GFM subscriber, why not become one and gain access to all its useful articles?

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