Strawberry season: berries for sale

Strawberry season is here! This year, we’ll be selling strawberries from the farm (~12 miles north of Columbia). Quantities are limited, so we’ll need to coordinate pick-up days for those who want berries to ensure that we can meet your needs. This is the season for fantastic fresh strawberry pies, like this one we baked yesterday:


We will do the picking every 36-48 hours, and we will refrigerate the berries immediately after harvest to maximize storage life. The variety that we grow is Sparkle, which is not normally a commercial berry. Flavor is exceptional; the tradeoff is that storage life is not. The berries are best if eaten or preserved within a few days of harvest. Consider some of the many ways to preserve them, including freezing, canning (jam, for example), & dehydrating; there’s also fresh strawberry shortcake, pie, and simple bowls of juicy, sweet berries eaten on their own.

Pricing encourages bulk purchases for preservation (or for arranging a purchase/pick-up to share with friends/neighbors):

  • $10/quart if buying 1-4 quarts
  • $8/quart if buying 5 or more quarts

If you’ve worked on the farm before and want to take part in picking your own berries, we’ll offer these at $6/quart. This will need to happen on our regular harvest schedule.

Please contact us if you would like to buy berries. Let us know:

1) Approximately how many quarts would you like?
2) What days of the week would you be available to pick up berries?

We will do our best to coordinate sales and supplies fairly, on a first-come basis, hopefully without too much email tag. Payment is due on pickup; we accept cash or check.

Growing methods

We grow our strawberries naturally. We use straw, our on-farm compost, and mineral soil amendments (ground-up rock). We don’t use wasteful plastic mulch, nor do we use any pesticides or sprays (synthetic or otherwise). You should still wash them before eating, though, given the abundant bird & other life cohabiting our fields.

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