Bird list & natural events, February 2015

Cold and annoying, we won’t miss February, although we have little to complain about compared to certain other parts of the US. Daily walks turned up a few interesting phenomena, including the bird wing print and mantis egg case shown below.


Tracking in the snow was fun, if hard to photograph. We mostly found expected tracks like deer, coyote, squirrel and rabbit. Below, the turkeys seemed especially interested in this young oak. Feb_natural_tracks


Our species count was slightly lower than most years, not surprising given the weather. Birds like vultures, seagulls, and woodcocks are less likely to appear here in the bitter cold, and few other migrants are moving through yet. Trumpeter Swans and Snow Geese continued to make regular appearances, of which we never grow tired.

Species 2011-2015 Total
years observed
2015 observed
Greater White-fronted Goose xx
Snow Goose xxxxx x
Canada Goose xxxxx x
Trumpeter Swan xx x
Wild Turkey x x
American White Pelican x
Great Blue Heron x
Turkey Vulture xx
Bald Eagle xx x
Red-shouldered Hawk xxxxx x
Red-tailed Hawk xxxx x
Killdeer xxx
American Woodcock xx
Ring-billed Gull x
Mourning Dove xxx
Great Horned Owl xx
Barred Owl xxxxx x
Belted Kingfisher xxxx
Red-bellied Woodpecker xxxxx x
Downy Woodpecker xxxxx x
Hairy Woodpecker x
Northern Flicker xxxxx x
Pileated Woodpecker xxxxx x
Blue Jay xxxxx x
American Crow xxxxx x
Black-capped Chickadee xxxxx x
Tufted Titmouse xxxxx x
White-breasted Nuthatch xxxxx x
Carolina Wren xxxxx x
Golden-crowned Kinglet xx x
Eastern Bluebird xxxxx x
Hermit Thrush xxx x
American Robin xxxxx x
European Starling x
Cedar Waxwing xxxx x
Yellow-rumped Warbler xxxx x
American Tree Sparrow x
Fox Sparrow xxxx
Song Sparrow xx
White-throated Sparrow xx x
Dark-eyed Junco xxxxx x
Northern Cardinal xxxxx x
Red-winged Blackbird x
Common Grackle x
House Finch xx x
Purple Finch xxx x
Pine Siskin x x
American Goldfinch xxxxx x

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