2014 CSA distribution #22

A late newsletter due to an eventful end of week, featuring over 6″ of rain followed by the season’s first killing frost on Friday night. Our thanks to those members who came out to help with pre-frost harvest & other chores on a long Friday.


Here’s a photo of roasted “not quite shelling beans” that we made for Sat. lunch. We removed strings, tossed with oil and a bit of salt, spread whole on baking trays, and roasted in the oven at 400ºF for ~35 minutes, stirring after about 15 minutes. On the left: Kentucky Wonder, quite good flavor. On the right: Rattlesnake Snap, extraordinary flavor & sweetness. We left the beans whole (minimizes prep work) & ate them as finger food.


Shelling beans From the final pre-frost harvest on 10/3. Might not be as uniformly filled out as previous week, but should be yummy nonetheless.
Not quite shelling beans Whether you think of these as baby shelling beans or overgrown green beans, there are a lot of them. (If frost had come later, we would have had weeks of great shellers; oh, well.) Good news is lots of these are Rattlesnake Snaps (identifiable by the purple streaking on the pod) which have great flavor. Pull off the string and be creative in the kitchen. We think these will be especially good roasted. Or take Joshua’s advice from the comment thread on the last newsletter: “And a good recipe for the whole bean in pod is to do the beans (cut in pieces) with potatoes in pasta with olive oil, garlic, and chiles to taste. Beans and potatoes can be boiled in same water as pasta (judge cooking times based on cut size) or done separate and combined.” If you find a great way to prepare them, feel free to describe your method in the comment thread!
Lettuce Small heads. We had fits starting fall lettuce heads this year; something repeatedly mowed down the just-germinated seedlings in the seedling flats. Never could catch the culprit, and the only way to deter it seemed to be to leave the seedlings under grow lights 24-7. The resulting stress on the plants, plus hot weather at transplant time, meant that a high percentage of plants bolted before they made it to the ground. Long story short, enjoy these heads, as they’ll be the only lettuce heads this fall. But we planted more baby loose leaf to compensate, so if all goes well that should be in late October shares.
Onions We’re going to distribute Yellow Potato Onions this week, a type of multiplier onion that has a flavor that we quite like. They are smaller than most of the standard onions we’ve distributed, but they have the advantage that they don’t have to be started from seed. Onions of this variety that we don’t distribute or eat will be replanted to multiply into more.  
Sweet peppers

Green peppers
The distribution following the first frost always has an abundance of green peppers (sweet peppers that haven’t ripened). 
Anaheim peppers
Green & red
Poblano peppers
Green poblanos. One chance at these low-yielding but delicious peppers that we grow in a small-ish quantity. 
Cucumbers Last ones of the year. Use soon, as they may have been in storage for nearly a week by the time they go out in the share.
Summer squash
Final harvest yielded a bigger pulse than expected; many of these are on the big side, suitable for zucchini bread or equivalent. Use soon, harvested on 10/3. 
A surprise variety. Way too tired to think about it right now. Check back for updates when we’ve decided. Update: One jumbo head for full shares; one A-size for single shares; all labeled by variety.
Hakurei turnips
Small quantity, probably only enough for full shares.
Not everyone will get it simultaneously, but we’ll continue to work our way through the list. When everyone has gotten it once, we’ll start distributing a second helping. 


Full shares will receive up to 4 herbs & single shares up to 2. To receive the maximum number of bundles, please provide some flexibility in your survey response!

Dill leaf
Cilantro Probably less abundant this week, but we think some will still be in good enough shape to harvest. Expect smaller bundles.
Cutting celery Combine this with the green peppers & onions in the share this week for a nice gumbo.
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Surprise mint The mint variety that is most abundant at harvest time
Oregano, limited quantity
Lemon balm
, limited quantity
Pea shoots
We have some cover crop peas that have beautiful shoots right now; a nice addition to salad or a stir fry.

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