2014 CSA distribution #20

We hope many of you can attend the CSA member potluck next Saturday, September 27, which is a great chance to see the farm, meet other members & farm workers, and enjoy the creative ways different folks use fresh farm produce. We ask that you RSVP on the linked post so we can plan for attendance.


Given the cool summer and early arrival of fall, we’ve spent some time planning out the last set of shares, and are confident that you’ll receive an interesting mix of produce for the rest of the season. Most everything looks good right now, and you can always browse the share photos page for a sense of what we’ll be producing in coming weeks. As always, the main wild card is the timing of first frost, which we just barely avoided last weekend, and which will mark the true end of summer items like cucumbers, peppers, and okra.

NEW! Pac choi Medium-sized heads, make nice stir fries with peppers.
Saute mix Second cutting, plants have regrown FAST, so greens may be a bit bigger than last time around.
Collard greens 
Sweet peppers

Anaheim peppers
Mix of green & red

Garlic Surprise varieties this week to use up some odds and ends bundles. Varieties will be labeled.


Full shares will receive up to 4 herbs & single shares up to 2.

The shift to cooler weather means that the herb menu is changing; some of the heat-lovers are near their end, and those that put on their best growth in cooler weather are returning to the list. Here are the expected choices:

Dill leaf Yummy with cucumber salad or green salad.
Cilantro The cilantro is loving this cooler weather; some nice looking plants ready for harvest this week.
Thai Red Roselle This is the plant used to make hibiscus tea; follow the link for guidance on how to use these. 
Cayenne These small red peppers can be hung & dried, or used to add nice flavor to sauces.
Serrano peppers
Nice fruity flavor.
Jalapeno peppers Mix of red & green
Habanero peppers
These hot! orange peppers have a lovely fruity flavor if you can handle the heat.
Cutting celery

Genovese/sweet basil Showing some cold injury due to the cool nights we’ve been getting. Not as abundant as before.
Lime basil Showing some cold injury due to the cool nights we’ve been getting.
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Lemon balm


There will be no eggs this week, other than fulfilling some backorders. You will be notified directly if we’ll have eggs for you.

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