2014 CSA potluck

We’re excited about hosting our annual potluck & produce tasting for CSA members on Saturday, September 27 starting at noon. We’ll start by setting out food, then eating & socializing; this event is a great way to meet other members. Afterward we’ll tour the farm & digest a bit.

Members: Please RSVP no later than Thursday Sept. 25 by commenting on this post, sharing what you intend to bring, so the menu can be balanced by all attendees without a lot of coordination on our part. If you’re not sure yet, even a general category (main dish, side, salad, dessert, etc.) is helpful for planning. Feel free to add more specifics later, if you wish. If you’d rather not use your full name, that’s ok as your email address (required to comment but not displayed on the site) should identify you to us. Read on below for more details & guidance.


  • We have members with a variety of food preferences & allergies (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). We would like to be as accommodating as practical in making the potluck welcome to everyone who would like to come. However, the collective list of member food avoidances & allergies includes virtually everything EXCEPT vegetables. So, here’s our proposal: If you are planning to come and have special dietary concerns, please RSVP ASAP by commenting on this post (anonymously, if you like) with a description of your preferences/needs, and in the case of allergies, degree of sensitivity. In that way, when deciding what to bring, others can take into consideration the needs/preferences of members who are actually planning to come. Not all dishes necessarily need to meet all needs, but we hope to have appropriate & sufficient food available to feed everyone who is here. One consideration for extremely gluten-sensitive members: We bake routinely with wheat & rye (which we grind ourselves), so unfortunately we cannot guarantee a complete absence of residual gluten in the environment of our house or food that came from our kitchen.
  • Keep in mind the basic food ethics of the farm. For example, we’d strongly prefer that nothing brought onto the farm include GMO ingredients, highly processed foods, or factory-farmed meats. We’d prefer that animal products in general either be from a producer that you know and trust (and preferably who avoids/minimizes feeding GMOs to the extent economically feasible) or if from a distant source that they be certified organic. If you’re not certain what is GMO and what isn’t, there are numerous websites with information about that, such as this one.
  • Please let us know in advance if your dish needs any special handling (has to be kept cold, has to be reheated, etc.).


  • Your potluck dish. Basic labeling could be a good idea, especially if ingredients aren’t obvious (such as chicken broth in a soup). Also, serving utensils would be helpful, as we have a limited quantity of these.
  •  We’ll provide water to drink, possibly iced tea; anything else is up to you.
  •  Please bring your own (washable, not disposable) plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and napkins. We’ll have limited quantities of such things for anyone who forgets. We don’t use disposables here and would prefer that others didn’t either. Aside from the ethics, there’s the practical concern that we don’t have an easy way of getting rid of smelly trash smeared with food such as disposable paper plates. We generate very little trash ourselves (none containing food wastes) and bring a dumpster in only once every year or two to get rid of what dry trash we do generate.
  •  For touring the farm, we strongly advise close-toed shoes.
  • And, of course, bring a big appetite!

11 thoughts on “2014 CSA potluck

  1. I’ll be there. Was thinking of doing a baked polenta casserole, with tomatoes herbs and cheese.

  2. I will not be able to attend the potluck this weekend. I know I will be missing a lot of great food.

  3. Tony & I are so sorry to have to miss the potluck this year; we will be soaking up the tunes at Roots & Blues Festival. Wish we could be two places at once! Enjoy!

  4. Still planning to attend, though haven’t utilized the brain activity to decide what to bring. Will figure something out – should I bring bread-like objects, or will you already have that covered?

    • If you want to bring some sort of bread, go for it. We’ll come up with something more or less last minute to round out the menu of what others are planning.

      • I mentioned on Thursday, but just so you know I actually managed to prepare them, I have (what I’m afraid will now be known as) hipster-kopita ready to bake off in the morning, and I’ll bring some preserves and such for people to try, since I like experimenting in that department. I’m trying for biscuits as well, provided the morning doesn’t get away from me. 😛

  5. Sorry to miss some of you. Guess this is what we get for trying to pre-schedule an event on a non-football weekend.

  6. Hi. I don’t think Meredith and I will be able to make it this time. See you on Sunday though.