2014 CSA distribution #21

We’re grateful for the nice, stable weather that is contributing both to the rapid growth of crops and to our sense of relief that there should be plenty of produce for the bags for the remainder of the season. Speaking of the remainder of the season, our first “off week” is coming up a few weeks from now, in mid-October. Please consult the webcalendar for full details on the distribution schedule from now to Thanksgiving.

Here’s a teaser of the crops that have a good chance of making an appearance in the shares between now & the end of the year: beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, collards, cucumbers, escarole, garlic, kale (curly & Russian red), kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mustard, okra, onions, pac choi, parsnips, peppers (Anaheim, sweet, & green), potatoes, radishes (watermelon & daikon), saute mix, shelling beans, spinach?, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, tomatillos?, turnips (golden), & winter squash.


One note on produce storage: This is the time of years when shares are packed with lots of greens. We don’t put all of the greens in plastic bags, to save both time and plastic. However, if you’re going to store the greens for any length of time, we suggest that you do bag them up when you receive them. The storage life for our greens can be 2 weeks or more if properly stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

NEW! Shelling beans Yum! These are basically overgrown green beans in which the seeds have developed, but the pods haven’t dried down yet to become a dried bean. Shell out the beans, discard the pods, cook the beans in salted water for something like an hour or until tender. We like to add herbs such as sage, oregano, and/or thyme to the cooking water. The work & wait is worth it for these: so, so good!
Broccoli Our goal is to get broccoli to everyone, but it won’t all be going out at the same time (a few of you got a surprise amount last week). We’ll ask you if you want it in this week’s survey, but it may take a couple of weeks for everyone to get some. 
Pac choi or mustard greens
Limited quantities of both of these, so there will be a choice
Lettuce mix Second cutting of the loose leaf mix.
Kale Russian red &/or curly varieties, both of which are growing fast.
Sweet peppers

Anaheim peppers
Mix of green & red
Quantities likely diminishing 
Cucumbers What an incredible year for cucumbers! They’re still coming…
Garlic We’re going to work our way through some of the smaller heads so we can end the year with some nice heads. Brickey (short neck) & Georgian Crystal (long neck) for everyone, plus a surprise variety for full shares.
Tomatilos??? Might be enough for distribution; we’ll know when we harvest 


Full shares will receive up to 4 herbs & single shares up to 2.

Dill leaf Yummy with cucumber salad or green salad.
Cilantro This fall’s cilantro has been some of the nicest we’ve ever grown. Might be the last week for it.
Thai Red Roselle This is the plant used to make hibiscus tea; follow the link for guidance on how to use these. 
Cayenne These small red peppers can be hung & dried, or used to add nice flavor to sauces.
Serrano peppers
Nice fruity flavor.
Jalapeno peppers Mix of red & green
Habanero peppers
These hot! orange peppers have a lovely fruity flavor if you can handle the heat.
Cutting celery

Genovese/sweet basil Not as beautiful as earlier in the year, but probably the last chance!
Lime basil Probably the last chance!
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Lemon balm
NEW! Sorrel


2 thoughts on “2014 CSA distribution #21

  1. About the beans…
    If you can’t or don’t want to cook now, they store great in the freezer, shelled, at this stage, and then cook up quicker than from dry when pulled put.

    And a good recipe for the whole bean in pod is to do the beans (cut in pieces) with potatoes in pasta with olive oil, garlic, and chiles to taste. Beans and potatoes can be boiled in same water as pasta (judge cooking times based on cut size) or done separate and combined.