2014 CSA distribution #18

With the arrival of September, we begin the slow transition to fall crops. The first fall leafy greens appear this week, for full shares, in the form of saute mix. Collards & mustard to follow soon. Some ripe red Anaheims will also start showing up, so from now on all hot peppers will be in the herb bag, with sweet peppers loose, so you can tell the difference. The latest Climate Prediction Center forecast suggests a colder air mass is coming our way. The big question on our minds: When will we get the first killing frost? 


NEW! Saute mix Full share only. Baby mix of a variety of yummy greens, suitable for salad (for those who like spicier flavors) or for a quick saute.
Onions Having given out some nice, big onions, we’re going to distribute some smaller ones this week. Mostly red & yellow storage onions, maybe a few sweet onions mixed in.
NEW! Tomatillos These neat Mexican fruits look like green tomatoes with a papery husk, and have a delicious rich, sour flavor when cooked (we don’t recommend using them raw). Remove the husk and roast them with garlic, onion, and peppers before blending into an excellent salsa verde.
Green beans
Sweet peppers
Ask for extras if you want them, plants continue to produce well.
Anaheim peppers Probably a mix of green and ripe red.
Tomatoes The tomato yield crash that we’ve been predicting is happening. Should continue to have a few tomatoes, mostly sauce-types at this point.   
Cherry tomatoes
Declining, may be for full shares only.
Has been liking the hot weather, may slow down a bit with cooler weather.
Garlic This week we’ll do two varieties: German Extra Hardy, a great roaster, cut with long stems. Brickey, cut with short stems, a variety acquired from a woman who shared a head with us at market, grown in her family for more than a generation. Our planting stock has expanded over the years from that one head, and we consider it a very tasty variety.
Summer squash
Plants are limping along, but we’d like to distribute anything they do provide.


Joanna, manager & harvester of herbs, will be traveling to celebrate a family wedding, so there will be a minimalist herb selection for Thursday of distribution 18 (Sept. 11) and Monday of distribution 19 (Sept. 15).

Full shares will receive up to 4 herbs & single shares up to 2.  If you want to maximize the number of herbs you receive, please follow the survey directions (no more than 2 “yes” request for full shares and no more than 1 “yes” request for singles, and enough “sure” responses to give us some flexibility in rounding out what you receive). Also, please remember to fill you your survey in order to receive herbs!

Here are the expected choices:

BACK! Dill leaf (Mo)
Thai Red Roselle
(Mo, Th) This is the plant used to make hibiscus tea; follow the link for guidance on how to use these.
Garlic chives with blossoms
(Mo) Use the blossoms as a fun edible garnish. Last chance!
(Mo, Th) These small red peppers can be hung & dried, or used to add nice flavor to sauces.
Serrano peppers
(Mo, Th) Nice fruity flavor.
Jalapeno peppers (Mo, Th)
NEW! Habanero peppers
(Mo, Th) These hot! orange peppers have a lovely fruity flavor if you can handle the heat.
Cutting celery
Dill heads (Mo)
Genovese/sweet basil (Mo)Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil (Mo)
Lime basil (Mo)
Sage (Mo)
Mint (Mo)


We’re adding small hot peppers to the bulk list, and we’ll be treating those similarly to the basil, taking whatever surplus we have and doling out a quart at a time to full shares and a pint at a time to single shares. We’ll be noting who has gotten what, and everyone who wants them should get a chance eventually. Last year, we discovered fermented hot pepper sauces, and oh yum! Lots of recipes online to guide you through the process.

Several other produce items remain on the bulk list. As always, we won’t know for sure until harvest has happened whether or not there will be enough to fill bulk requests, but we absolutely want a home for extra production if it happens.


We’ll fill back orders this week for those who requested eggs last week & didn’t get them, but we won’t be taking new orders for a few weeks so we can rebuild our stock and ensure enough for ourselves to eat. Laying is slow, as is typical for late summer/early fall.

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