CBC Radio interview on Right To Farm

Missouri’s Amendment 1 is getting international attention. Midday Monday, just as we prepared for lunch after packing CSA shares for afternoon delivery , we received a call from the producer of the CBC Radio show As It Happens, a “national evening radio-current affairs program”. They were interested on doing a story about Right To Farm, had found our Op/Ed piece in July 27’s Columbia Tribune, and wanted to interview us. So our afternoon deliveries were temporarily postponed while Eric talked to the show’s host. The ~7 minute segment aired Monday evening, and can be found in their August 4th podcast, starting at around the 18:45 mark. Give it a listen, we think it came out reasonably well.

Vote NO, eh!

One thought on “CBC Radio interview on Right To Farm

  1. Hi Eric & Joanna!

    I happened to hear you on the CBC yesterday evening – our local station here in Michigan broadcasts that show. Thanks for speaking out.

    Unfortunately, I missed the second half because I went into anaphylactic shock as you were speaking. Nothing personal though! I was stung by a yellow jacket as I was coming in the door, and was listening to the radio as I was icing it down. After a few minutes my heart started racing and I blacked out, Brenda called 911, and I spent the evening in the ER. Everything is fine now. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I’ll have to listen to the rest of the interview on line during my official “take it easy day”.