2014 CSA distribution #17

Heat, humidity, and horseflies: the hellish H’s of August. Add to that the ragweed, which is now releasing pollen in clouds that resemble smoke, and we’re feeling pretty run down. Please continue to request & use extras & bulk, because we don’t have time or energy to handle leftovers of abundant produce when it occurs.


1) If you are paying for your CSA membership in three installments, this is a reminder that the third payment is due at the end of August.

2) The Monday delivery this week is on Labor Day Monday. Produce doesn’t stop for arbitrary holidays, and neither can we, so deliveries will be on the normal schedule. If this affects your ability to receive your share, please let us know ASAP. World Harvest will be open and able to receive & store shares as usual.

3) A reminder that we’re still planning to hold our annual CSA potluck on Saturday September 27 at noon. We’ll post more info on the blog as the time approaches. Past potlucks have featured a delicious spread of food & good conversation. This is a great opportunity to visit the farm, especially if you haven’t yet done so.

4) Due to some flux in membership, we have an unbalanced number of shares on our two delivery days, with more shares being packed on Thursday relative to Monday. If any World Harvest members would like to switch from Thursday to Monday, we would welcome that change.


NEW! Green beans Nice, long “Rattlesnake” variety, green with streaks of purple, our personal favorite. Primed to take over from cherry tomatoes as the most time-consuming item to harvest.
Sweet peppers
Ask for extras if you want them, plants continue to produce well.
Anaheim peppers Mildly hot green peppers.
Tomatoes These have churned out more tomatoes than we expected. Sometime the yields are going to crash, we’re just not sure when. The bulk option will be listed, just in case they continue to do well. 
Cherry tomatoes
Declining, may be for full shares only.

Cucumbers Small planting, but an impressive early pulse of production this past week.
Garlic One variety this week, Samarkand. Jumbo heads for full shares, A-size for single shares. This is a good all purpose variety that has a more-than-average cloves per head for a hardneck garlic.
Summer squash If it rains, there may be a lot. If it doesn’t, there will likely be less.

Note on musk melons Some full shares got a melon last week, and we intend to get one to the remainder of the full shares this week. Most of the ones that have made it to our kitchen have been quite delicious, but melons can be hard to judge. If yours had issues, let us know and we should be able to get you a replacement.


Full shares will receive up to 4 herbs & single shares up to 2.  If you want to maximize the number of herbs you receive, please follow the survey directions (no more than 2 “yes” request for full shares and no more than 1 “yes” request for singles, and enough “sure” responses to give us some flexibility in rounding out what you receive). Also, please remember to fill you your survey in order to receive herbs!

Here are the expected choices:

Thai Red Roselle This is the plant used to make hibiscus tea; follow the link for guidance on how to use these. Quantities should slowly increase, though still just starting to produce.
Garlic chives with blossoms
Use the blossoms as a fun edible garnish.
These small red peppers can be hung & dried, or used to add nice flavor to sauces. Yields increasing.
Serrano peppers
Nice fruity flavor. Yields increasing.

Jalapeno peppers

Cutting celery
Plants currently thriving. Try this yummy tomato sauce with cutting celery & mint.
Dill heads
Green coriander Moving past the green phase & starting to dry down. Will likely have dry coriander seeds among the options soon. 
Parsley Sadly, the parsley hasn’t been thriving this year, partly because the parsnips planted south of the parsley have gotten so large that they’re shading it. Some is available, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to fill all requests. 
Genovese/sweet basil Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil One or two more weeks left for Thai basil. The other basils will probably hold out until frost.
Lime basil
Tarragon Experiencing a summer slump & taking a break for the moment, but should be back soon.
Mint surprise If you’re really set on wanting one of the specific varieties, leave a comment and we can probably fulfill the request.


Several produce items remain on the bulk list. As always, we won’t know for sure until harvest has happened whether or not there will be enough to fill bulk requests, but we absolutely want a home for extra production if it happens. Keep the basil bulk requests coming, as well.


Laying still low in the heat. Ask, but ye may not receive. We will resume delivering at Edgewood this week, assuming enough eggs to fill requests.

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