2014 CSA distrubution #9

We’re working on plans for a few more farm events. More details coming, but here’s a first preview:

Tasting in the field: wander farm, tasting fresh produce from the plants, BYOB, possibly with live dulcimer/fiddle music. Friday 8/15, 7 p.m. until dark.
Member potluck: enjoy the significant cooking skills of our members, a success the past few years. Saturday 9/27, noon.
Share-cooking demonstration for summer items, similar to this event. Contact us if interested and we’ll schedule it.
Farm inspection for members (to replace organic inspection). Contact us if interested and we’ll schedule it. It would be especially neat to have someone write up their experience for other members, to share the inspection results with everyone.


NEW! Cucumbers We’re doing a trial of several white cucumbers this year to find out which is our favorite for both flavor & successful production. We’ve been disappointed in some of the green cucumbers we’ve grown the last couple years, so the only green we’re bothering with this year is a pickling-type cuke. Joanna’s favorite thing to do with a cucumber is to just eat it. We also like making cucumber salad and cucumber smoothies
BACK! Cabbage
Green garlic
Second week for green garlic, and by the following week we’ll be starting in on the cured garlic that’s currently hanging in the barn.
Summer squash Producing well at the moment, though with squash we never know how long a pulse of abundance will last.
Carrots We’ve been finding some in the field with rot issues and really hope that none of those have slipped past our inspection and into your kitchens. Also, carrots will come sans greens from now on, as most people don’t use them and the goats love them. If you really like carrot top pesto and want more greens, put a note in your survey and we’ll provide them.
Swiss chard
MAYBE? New potatoes
One of our potato varieties is thriving with some of the biggest plants we’ve ever seen. The other variety isn’t looking so great, and some of the plants we’ve pulled have had occasional rotting spuds underneath. We think our best bet is to get rid of the unhappy plants ASAP, so we’ll be distributing new potatoes if the quantity and quality is sufficient. We’ll allow the healthy variety to mature for a future harvest.


The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. Here are the expected choices:

NEW! Dill heads
NEW! Green coriander
Bundles may be flat leaf, curly, or a mix.
Borage blossoms
Edible flowers, pretty as a garnish, taste a bit like cucumber. 
Genovese/sweet basil
Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil
Lime basil
Garlic chives
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure. 
Lemon balm Taking a summer break.


The usual purchase options this week. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.

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