2014 CSA distribution #12

Another week, more tasty & abundant produce. Tuesday’s oppressive conditions were a worthwhile reminder of how nice the weather’s been this year, when a day like that is the extreme rather than the norm. Peppers & tomatoes continue to look really nice and appear to be on the verge of serious production. The repeated rounds of much-below-normal temperatures this year make us wonder whether the warm-season crops will be cut short by earlier-than-usual frost (in, say, September), so enjoy them while you can.

In other news, look for an Op-Ed piece from us in Sunday’s Columbia Tribune on the upcoming Right To Farm amendment vote. We’ve spent a while wrestling with how to present our complex feelings on the subject, and hope the result gets our message across. Please vote NO on the “Right to Farm” amendment.


We’ve finally updated the share photos page to include images from this year alongside their equivalent shares from 2013. It’s interesting to compare these, which show that this year’s shares are generally even better than last year’s (which we were plenty happy with overall). For example, last week’s share included everything in the equivalent 2013 share plus carrots, garlic, and edamame, as well as more squash. For some reason, some browsers are making the images appear different sizes even though they’re not, apologies for that as we don’t have time to trouble-shoot it right now.

NEW! Jalapeno peppers First of the peppers to be ready.
First slicer & saladette tomatoes available this week.
Cherry tomatoes

We grow a variety (Burmese) that stays tender at a fairly large size; don’t be scared off by occasional larger pods. Quantities increasing, should be enough for everyone this week.
Being annoyingly slow. We’ll get it to you when enough matures to do so, full shares get first priority if quantity is limited. Check out some recipe ideas here
  Boil in salted water ~5 minutes, shell, and eat. Follow the link for more info and ideas. Probably the last week for this.
Sweet corn
Really close, we think it will be going out this week. Have been checking power on the electric fence nearly daily to protect from coons, but they’re smart and destructive, so no promises until the corn is in the distribution bags. For maximum enjoyment, please, please eat it the night you receive it!
Cucumbers Losing some plants to inevitable wilt, but yields still coming in strong for now. Will list cukes again as bulk to ensure there’s a home if overproduction happens, but no guarantee.
This week: Siberian (cut with a long stem) and Georgian Crystal (stem cut short). Both of these are good multi-purpose garlic varieties. Siberian is one of our absolute favorite garlic varieties for its intense & delicious flavor; try this garlic butter preparation for a good way to highlight its flavor. Note: We goofed last week and cut the stems backwards for Thursday; apologies for that, and hope the twitter feed got this message to many of you.
Scallions Will offer bulk again, help us use these up to give the parsnips more room!
Summer squash Quantities declining, but expect to have some for everyone.
Beets  Last week for these, and those that remain are small. Some members have been tiring of beets, which may make bulk quantities available for those who want to preserve some, but it depends on demand. We’ll be giving out all that remain this week.


Please remember to fill you your survey in order to receive herbs! The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. Here are the expected choices:

Cutting celery
Dill heads The ones being harvested right now are still at the flowering stage; they haven’t developed full seeds yet, but they’re still good for adding flavor to pickles.
Green coriander

Bundles may be flat leaf, curly, or a mix.
Genovese/sweet basil Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil
Lime basil
Chives Don’t have full irrigation set up on these, so they’re looking a bit droopy and will be taking some time off until we get some rain. Eat scallions instead!
Garlic chives Ditto chives.
Mint surprise Mint often looks a bit less beautiful in the summer, with insect holes & yellowing leaves , so we’ll be harvesting whatever variety looks best & is most efficient to harvest. If you’re really set on wanting one of the specific varieties, leave a comment and we can probably fulfill the request.


Eggs are available as usual this week. We have a good supply on hand, but won’t guarantee how long that will last. Egg production always drops off late summer and into the fall, and we have the added complication that a suspected fox has identified our flock as a food source. We’ve been proud of our seven year streak of protecting the flock from ground-based predators and thus living happily alongside them, but alas we now have a problem on our hands.

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