2014 CSA distribution #11

This has been a long and stressful week, with many things going wrong. Enjoy the produce, since most crops are doing well. There are many important notes on upcoming items below, please read.


Multiple summer crops are appearing this week, but quantities are likely to be small on many of the new items. Some items may be for full shares only if the yields are low enough, but we won’t know for sure until packing time.

NEW! Tomatoes & cherry tomatoes Ripening slowly in this cool weather, may be a small taste this week. Plenty on their way for future.
NEW! Okra

NEW! Eggplant
We grew eggplant for the first time last year, and we finally developed a love for this veggie. Check out some recipe ideas here
NEW (maybe?)! Edamame
Not sure if they’ll be ready to pick for Monday or not. Boil in salted water ~5 minutes, shell, and eat. Follow the link for more info and ideas.
Sometime soon! Sweet corn
We expect the sweet corn to be ready sometime in the next couple of weeks, though we’re not exactly sure when. When it is ready, we’ll put what is available into the shares whether or not it was on the survey. For maximum enjoyment, please, please eat it the night you receive it! Sweet corn is probably the least productive and profitable crop we can grow given the kind of farming we do, so we count on your enjoyment of it to make up for the otherwise highly inefficient use of space.
Sweet onions, Walla Walla & Cipollini
Yummy grilled, on pizza, or in countless other preparations. These are fresh harvested onions, not cured, so use soon or store in the fridge.  

These heads are mostly cured and should be kept on the counter rather than the fridge, but are not cured enough for long-term storage. Take what you can eat this week, truly cured storage heads will be showing up later. From now on we’ll be offering two varieties each week, with the stems cut differently so you can tell the difference. This week: German Extra Hardy, a good roaster (cut with a long stem) and Tochliavri, a milder variety (neck cut short). NOTE: We mistakenly cut these in reverse on Thursday, those shares have short German and long Toch.
Summer squash Quantities slowly declining.
Beets  Roots only
Carrots Last week, smaller amount, definitely full share only


Please remember to fill you your survey in order to receive herbs! The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. Here are the expected choices:

Cutting celery This looks like flat-leaf parsley, but has a celery-like aroma & flavor. It is quite strong raw, but we tried adding stems & leaves to a Cajun-style dish with green peppers and onions, and it worked quite well. Limited supply of this, since it is a new trial for 2014. Anyone who wants to try it will get a chance eventually…just not all during the first week it is available.
Dill heads
Green coriander
When cilantro starts to set seed, and these seeds are harvested green, you have green coriander. It has a flavor reminiscent of both cilantro and coriander. We like to crush the seeds in a mortar and pestle and add to salsas or other dishes that benefit from cilantro flavor. Sometimes flowers will come along for the ride, and these are edible, too.
Bundles may be flat leaf, curly, or a mix.
Borage blossoms
Edible flowers, pretty as a garnish, taste a bit like cucumber. 
Genovese/sweet basil
Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil
Lime basil
Garlic chives
Mint surprise Mint often looks a bit less beautiful in the summer, with insect holes & yellowing leaves , so we’ll be harvesting whatever variety looks best & is most efficient to harvest. If you’re really set on wanting one of the specific varieties, leave a comment and we can probably fulfill the request.


Eggs will continue to be available as usual.

We are dealing with a significant outbreak of intestinal parasites in the goats, possibly sourced from our problematic local deer herd, as this is a parasite that we have never detected in our goats before. Though we are following the usual rotational grazing scheme that has kept us from requiring wormers for years, sometimes biology throws a curve ball. The vet recommended a dewormer that unfortunately requires a long waiting period before we can milk again. Because these parasites are potentially life threatening to the animals, we feel that treatment is the prudent course of action. Thus, milk sales may be over for the year. It has been that kind of a week here.

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  1. Did it really take you so long to fall in love with eggplant?
    I wish your goats well.