2014 CSA distribution #10

The garlic harvest is in! This is always a major pulse of work at the height of long summer days, and we’re thrilled to have it done and looking so good. Garlic was an important crop for us during our market days, and we still grow lots of varieties in quantities that will be ample for the CSA. 2012 and 2013 were dreadful years for garlic, but we now seem to be back on track. We are planning to include garlic in every distribution from now until the end of the season. Please see our garlic page for more information about the various varieties we grow, seen here hanging in our barn to cure properly. 2014_share10_1

We’re also moving right along with fall planting. Parsnips have been growing happily for a while, Brussels sprouts are in the ground, broccoli is ready to transplant soon, cabbages and those yummy giant fall kohlrabi are just sprouting, and carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, and more are on the the to-do list for the next few weeks. These & other crops will make up the shares through Thanksgiving. Hopefully the weather continues to be as wonderfully cooperative as it has been so far.


NEW! Walla Walla sweet onions Yummy grilled, on pizza, or in countless other preparations. These are fresh harvested onions, not cured, so store these in the fridge.  

Last of the spring cabbage.
Cured heads from now on, store on the counter (NOT in the fridge). This week’s variety will be Chet’s Italian Red, a softneck that has a relatively mellow flavor and that is excellent in raw preparations such as pesto. These have been hanging for a couple of weeks, but they’re not fully cured, so use them relatively soon. (That’s the reason we’re just doing one head per share this week.)
Summer squash
Beets These will be roots without greens from now on, as we needed to clear the beds for the next planting.
Carrots We’re doing our best to screen for carrot rot; please let us know if you find some. It is not always visibly obvious from the outside. 
New potatoes
We’re going to try again to find time to get these out of the ground; wet ground and long to-do lists have been keeping us from it so far.  

Coming soon: Small quantities of tomatoes should be ready for share 11! Lot of the other exciting peak-of-summer, warm-weather crops should be appearing over the next month: edamame, eggplant, peppers, okra, sweet corn, and more. Did we mention we’re doing a melon trial this year? We make no promises, but the plants are looking nice so far.


Now that we are well past the season of small spring shares, we are going to reinstate our policy from last year that if we don’t get a survey response for a member household for a given week, we’ll skip herbs since we don’t like to have to guess what you want. Please remember to fill out those surveys!

The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. Here are the expected choices:

NEW! Cutting celery This looks like flat-leaf parsley, but has a celery-like aroma & flavor. It is quite strong raw, but we tried adding stems & leaves to a Cajun-style dish with green peppers and onions, and it worked quite well. Limited supply of this, since it is a new trial for 2014. Anyone who wants to try it will get a chance eventually…just not all during the first week it is available.
Dill heads Supply may be a limited this week, but more coming soon enough. 
Green coriander
When cilantro starts to set seed, and these seeds are harvested green, you have green coriander. It has a flavor reminiscent of both cilantro and coriander. We like to crush the seeds in a mortar and pestle and add to salsas or other dishes that benefit from cilantro flavor. Sometimes flowers will come along for the ride, and these are edible, too.
Bundles may be flat leaf, curly, or a mix.
Borage blossoms
Edible flowers, pretty as a garnish, taste a bit like cucumber. 
Genovese/sweet basil
Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil
Lime basil
Garlic chives
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure.


The usual purchase options this week. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.


We’re about a third of the way through the CSA season, and so are interested in some feedback on this year’s member experience. Deliveries working properly for you? Any problems with share contents or packing? Memorable or problematic produce? Suggestions on useful content for the newsletter? This is a great time to let us know, as we can work to fix any issues for the rest of the season, or take comfort in knowing things are going right. This will be a question on this week’s survey, or you can also comment or email us if preferred.

One thought on “2014 CSA distribution #10

  1. Here is a great summer salad using cucumbers & onion. Delicious Chert Hollow cucumbers make it superb.
    Thinly Sliced cucumbers & onions
    For the marinade mix:
    Two parts Apple Cider Vinegar
    One part water
    2-3 Tbls Honey
    Optional: Crushed Red Pepper/Chopped Herbs

    Prepare enough marinade to cover half the volume of the sliced cucumbers/onions. If you sliced 3 cups of vegetables, prepare 1 1/2 cups of marinade. Toss, refrigerate, tossing occasionally until eaten.