Farm-to-table event: using early summer shares & cheesemaking

Given the positive response to May’s “Using share #2’s spring vegetables” post, we’re going to do it again with a twist. Next week’s share #6 will mark the transition to early summer vegetables, replacing spring items with¬† beets, cabbage, chard, & kohlrabi. This Saturday, we’re going to host a “how to use your share” cooking event on the farm, assembling a full share #6 and preparing the whole share together with attendees to demonstrate various ways of using these ingredients and our diverse herbs. We’ll also demonstrate the making of ricotta cheese, the easiest way to use our fresh goat’s milk. When everything’s ready, we’ll enjoy a fun tasting meal with whomever attends. This is a great chance for members to learn more about the produce in their shares and how to use it.

We can be flexible on the timing, depending on who’s interested. It makes sense to us to do this at 3 or 4, to give time for food preparation before enjoying it all around 5, but we’re open to suggestion. If interested, please write us with number attending and when the best times are. This is definitely a kid-friendly event; depending on numbers, timing, and interest, we might even harvest the “share” live with attendees, so you can see where all this comes from before preparing it, a great way for kids to engage in their food.

Again, please contact us ASAP if interested so we can plan the rest of our work around this potential block of time. We’ll write up and post the results, so everyone can benefit, but really hope some of you can come and enjoy this with us. We apologize for the short notice, but we just had this idea and will do it again later in the summer if there’s interest.



One thought on “Farm-to-table event: using early summer shares & cheesemaking

  1. Tony & I would be interested in the farm-to-table event on Sat.; the times you’ve noted above would work for us, but we can be flexible.