2014 CSA distrubution #8

Another week, another busy stretch. Garlic harvest is about to start in earnest, let us know if you wish to take part in this interesting but time-consuming task over the next few weeks, in exchange for some extra heads. We have harvested the first two varieties so far, and all the signs are pointing towards an excellent garlic year…a very big relief after two sub-standard garlic years.


Cabbage will return next week, but for now enjoy the first taste of true head garlic.

NEW! Green garlic Fresh green garlic, unlike the cured heads you’ll receive for most of the year, should be stored in the fridge until use.
Summer squash
NEW! Carrots Not as sweet as fall/winter carrots due to warm weather. Will be great roasted with beets, or used in stir fries.
Snap peas (see note below) If you’ve eaten all you can fresh and find there are still some left, then try making pea-sto, a pea version of pesto. Remove strings, then blend peas with some oil, and add garlic &/or basil if desired. Use on pasta, pizza, sandwiches, or more. Freezes well for the winter.
Snow peas
Swiss chard


The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. Here are the expected choices:

NEW! Parsley Bundles may be flat leaf, curly, or a mix.
NEW! Borage blossoms
Edible flowers, pretty as a garnish, taste a bit like cucumber. 
Genovese/sweet basil
Store all basil flower-bouquet style in a jar of water on the counter for longest life.
Thai basil
Lime basil
Squash blossoms We’ll give a shot at offering these as long as the insect pressure isn’t too bad; no guarantee on how long that will last.
Garlic chives
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure. 
Lemon balm



We’re in the process of ripping out half the snap pea planting & feeding the plants to the goats. These, like the strawberries, have been producing so well this year that they’re sucking up too much work time for not enough value. We’ve been giving extras to any CSA members that want them, but that’s only absorbing a fraction of the yield, especially with our membership well below full this year. Restaurants have shown limited interest, and one of the few groceries that doesn’t require insurance policies & paperwork offered us half our traditional wholesale price, then rejected 80% of the requested delivery on the grounds that they weren’t attractive enough. We got rejected on appearance, not on flavor, quality, freshness, or farm ethics. And these were not ugly peas. So we’re ripping out these fantastic, loaded plants because their success isn’t producing any value for us, only work & stress. At least, fed to the goats, they help produce quality milk. We’ll be offering bulk extras to members this week; given how productive the season has been so far, this is probably a preview of things to come.


The usual purchase options this week.


Milk is available this week, $7/half gallon. We stopped feeding grain after the kids were born; the goats are eating dominantly our pasture, a little bit of hay, and a small daily serving of certified organic alfalfa pellets to try to convince them to stand still during milking. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.

2 thoughts on “2014 CSA distrubution #8

  1. Oh, you must have been so pissed off at that grocery store. You’re being very polite not calling them out by name. Peas have been great, too.

  2. Perhaps some of those lovely peas could go to the food pantry on Big Bear Blvd?