2014 CSA distribution #6

We’re enjoying the days with highs in the 70s in mid-June, and the soil moisture has been nicely recharged for now. However, the weeds are growing like mad, and the crops would like to see some sun before damp conditions cause disease to take hold. A well-timed WWOOFer (farm-stay visitor) is helping us this week, meaning that we have high hopes of getting caught up on weeding & more.


NEW! Kohlrabi An unusual but very versatile & likable veggie. Slice & eat raw, shred into a slaw, or stir-fry chunks. Follow the link for more info & ideas. 
NEW! Beets
Follow the link for ideas on how to use these.
NEW! Cabbage
The cabbages are quite beautiful this year, with remarkably little cabbage worm damage…so far. We’re excited about slaw season! Slaw can be made with multitude of variations; Asian cabbage slaw is one of our favorites. Also delicious braised.
NEW! Bulb fennel One of those veggies people tend to love or hate; we love it. Great sliced onto salad, grated into slaw, roasted, or braised. The leaves are a nice salad topping, slaw addition, or salad dressing ingredient, as well. 
Garlic scapes

Scallions The green onions that have gone out to date are an overwintered onion grown from bulblets; now we’re shifting to seed-grown scallions that we started this spring. Expect a slightly milder flavor.
Snap peas
Delicious as a snack, in a stir fry, or on salad. When they’ve been abundant, we’ve made a “pea-sto” by blending them with garlic & oil.
Snow peas So yummy quickly stir-fried with some minced garlic scapes.
Lettuce heads Last week for these; thank the recent cool weather for keeping them in decent shape this long. We will be harvesting the rest of these no later than the weekend, because the rest of the sweet potatoes are ready to go in the ground in their place. Some of these may have stronger flavor than ideal; use a robust dressing.
Swiss chard Vibrant colors! Use as you would other cooking greens, but consider separating the stems and cooking those a bit longer than the leaves.
Strawberries Almost certainly the last week for these, though we’re thrilled with the significant quantities we’ve gotten out to people thus far. The more abundant moisture over the last week, combined with less frequent picking to minimize handling plants when wet, may be reducing storage life. As usual, we encourage rapid consumption of these.

Coming soon
Summer squash are forming. Carrots should hopefully be worthy of harvest in the not-too-distant future. Not overly soon, but oh-so-tantalizing are the marble-sized cherry tomatoes & golf ball sized slicing tomatoes on some of the early plants.


The usual 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share. We have new choices this week, but not (yet) a great deal of abundance on these, so members will likely get no more than one of the new offerings this week. Here are the expected choices:

NEW! Genovese/sweet basil Just barely ready to harvest; bundles likely small this week. Not to worry: plenty more to come.
NEW! Thai basil
NEW! Lime basil
NEW! Squash blossoms We’ll give a shot at offering these as long as the insect pressure isn’t too bad; no guarantee on how long that will last.
NEW! Anise hyssop  Very limited quantity. Delicious in tea!
Garlic chives
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure. 

Lemon balm
  Last chance at this for a while; probably will be tending towards bolting, meaning not-as-good flavor, but still quite usable on salads, etc.


The usual purchase options this week.


Milk is available this week, $7/half gallon. We stopped feeding grain after the kids were born; the goats are eating dominantly our pasture, a little bit of hay, and a small daily serving of certified organic alfalfa pellets to try to convince them to stand still during milking. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.


Once again, we’re extremely grateful for all those who have helped us harvest this year’s super-abundant strawberries. If you haven’t made it out yet, there’s still time: We will continue to accept member help in exchange for extras on the same schedule & terms as listed in the share 4 newsletter. This will be your last week to get extra strawberries in exchange for picking!

2 thoughts on “2014 CSA distribution #6

  1. For a “robust dressing” we made a version of green goddess dressing as a dip for raw vegetables that is spectacular. We don’t usually do creamy dressings but this one occasionally is fun. A brief recipe:

    Cilantro stems (of course you can use the leaves if you choose)
    A couple garlic scapes
    Chives or a green onion
    Fish sauce or anchovy paste
    Lemon juice or vinegar
    Sour cream (we used plain Greek yogurt)

    Put all in a blender and blend until smooth, adding a little water if needed. Parsley would be great too. We used a mixture of CHF herbs and what we grow here. This would keep for about a week I would guess.