2014 CSA distribution #5

Busy week this week, so this newsletter will stick to the basics. If you want more to read, check out the May natural events post


This is a great week for stir fry or fried rice, especially with some farm eggs. If you can’t figure out how to eat all the strawberries fresh, blend them with a bit of sugar and lemon juice for a nice slush that stores well in the fridge and can be mixed into milk, yogurt, and more for a really nice treat.

NEW! Garlic scapes If you’ve never used these, follow the link to read more about this seasonal garlic treat.
Green onions
Snap peas
You may soon notice a change in variety from the bush peas (Sugar Anns, sweetest when very round & almost overgrown looking) to the pole peas (Sugar Snaps, sweetest when a bit slimmer).
NEW! Snow peas So yummy quickly stir-fried with some minced garlic scapes.
Lettuce heads Butterhead variety, smaller than last week’s
Kale Maybe the last week for this
Hakurei turnips Last week for these
Radishes Last week for these
Strawberries Still acting abundant, but will see if they slow down this week. Halving the current daily yield would still generate more berries per member than last year.

Coming soon:
Cabbage, kohlrabi, and chard should all appear in next week’s share, and fennel is getting close, too.


We’ll be doing 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share this week. Check out the photos on our culinary herb page if you’re having trouble identifying a bundle you receive. Here are the expected choices:

NEW! Cilantro We know from past experience that this is a popular one, so we have to have enough for just about everyone in order to be able to offer it. We think we can achieve that this week. Bundle size will depend on popularity & abundance at harvest time.
Garlic chives
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure. 

Lemon balm
A new planting should be ready to harvest by Monday.



The usual purchase options this week.


Milk is available this week, $7/half gallon. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.


We’re very grateful for the help we’ve received this week dealing with the super-abundant strawberries, and will continue to accept member help in exchange for extras on the same schedule & terms as listed in last week’s newsletter. Contact us if you can make a time.

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