CSA member event: “Hoe-down” the rye

Some CSA members have expressed an interest in getting their hands dirty on the farm, helping out occasionally as a way to learn more about our management. Well, here’s our first shot at making it happen this year, a work afternoon that will let us get a big chore done while having fun, and in a way that is family friendly.

This Saturday afternoon, weather & conditions permitting, we’re going to hold a “hoe-down”. We have several blocks of rye/vetch cover crop that need to be chopped down and turned into the soil, something we do manually rather than use fuel-guzzling and soil-shredding equipment. Ideally we’ll set a whole crew of people moving across the rows with hoes, so each person doesn’t need to do too much, and we’ll get the work done while having fun.may_hoedown

The more folks show, the easier it’ll be to rotate people in and out like a relay, so everyone gets to work, rest, and socialize! To sweeten the pot, and have fun with the event’s name, we’ll also feature some live music from Eric on dulcimer and our neighbor Sarah on fiddle, while everyone will get to enjoy watching the goat kids play in their nearby pasture.

If you’re interested, let us know and expect to arrive at 2pm for a couple hours of work and maybe a quick walk around the place afterward. Kids will be welcome to play in the grass or otherwise entertain themselves in the area. We’ll provide cold water and some tastings of our own fresh goat cheese, and possibly more.

Please contact us if interested in coming, so we can plan accordingly. Although Saturday looks clear right now, this also depends on soil moisture content. If we get too much rain in the expected storms Thursday-Friday, we may have to call this off, and will write you by Friday afternoon. If this happens, we’ll shoot for the next Saturday, as we’re expecting more rain and storms from Sunday onward.

We hope enough folks to can help out to make this a fun event, and a good precedent for involving members in the farm!



3 thoughts on “CSA member event: “Hoe-down” the rye

  1. A very quick question: do you have any particular outfits that you prefer to purchase your cover crop seed from? I’ve got my own preferences, but am always interested in learning about how others go about sourcing. – thank you.

    • We buy certified organic cover crop seed from Welter Seed & Honey Co. in Iowa. Though we’ve dropped our organic certification, we still feel strongly about sourcing organic seed when available. We have a friend who has family near their facility and who has been willing to shuttle seed here for us, saving substantially on shipping fees. We would like to experiment with growing/saving our own cover crop seeds at some point, but we haven’t gotten around to that yet.

  2. Thank you for your response. I haven’t heard of Welter Seed, but I don’t garden on your scale. Great suggestion. Just occurred to me that I hadn’t considered if Baker sells Cover Crop seed, I know they do the heirloom specialties concerning veggies.

    Regardless, …cheers!