2014 CSA distribution #3

Finally, regular weekly distributions! This will be a pretty similar mix to last week. With warmer, sunnier weather this past week (though we still really need some rain), we’re seeing lots of crops growing quickly. As, of course, are the weeds. It’s been a marathon of transplanting & more this week, now that we’re finally free of frost, and most crops look great so far. High hopes for a productive summer.


Monday members, please remember that we will be delivering on Memorial Day as usual. Crops take no holidays. Please contact us if the holiday on your end will cause any difficulty with receiving your share.


1) Just a reminder, you don’t have to return your bag to World Harvest in between shares. Just bring it back when you pick up your next share. Each of you is assigned enough bags to complete the rotation. If you forget once, you’ll be assigned one of our many Loaner bags for that week.

2) It’s ideal if you can pick up your share on the delivery day, but if for some reason you can’t, most items we grow have a good shelf life and can remain happily in the WH walk-in cooler for longer. All we ask is that, if you know you’re going to be late picking up your share, you give us advance warning in case there is an item that won’t last (and so the folks at the store know to expect the delay). It’s better than missing a share! Also note that we can usually accommodate a switch of delivery day within the week with advance notice, if that fits your schedule better.


If you’re looking for ideas on using share contents, check out our take on using share #2’s contents. There are lots of easy ways to use spring alliums and greens.

Garlic scallions
Green onions Lots of these! Extras for those who want them.
Spinach  Replacing saute mix this week
Head & leaf lettuce Our lettuce is harvested the day before, and will store for over a week. Don’t be shy asking for it, you can eat plenty!
Radishes  Maturing nicely now, should be bigger and more abundant…if the hot weather doesn’t make them bolt first…
Pea shoots We think we can harvest enough for everyone this time off of our “backup” planting. The area intended for pea shoot harvest was significantly frost damaged, somewhat surprisingly. But we had planted some other peas for cover crop in an area of the orchard that the chickens haven’t been on since early winter, and these are in good shape for pea shoot harvest. Fortunately, the pole peas that we’ll harvest for snap & snow peas weren’t cold damaged, and we have high hopes for a good crop.
Eggs Okay, so these aren’t produce…but because of an overabundance of eggs and a late start to the season with some small-ish shares, we’re planning to include eggs in the share this week at no additional charge. For more info, see egg section below.

The next new items will be things like strawberries, peas, & Hakurei turnips, but they’re still growing.


We’ll be doing 4 bundles per full share and 2 per single share this week. Check out the photos on our culinary herb page if you’re having trouble identifying a bundle you receive. Here are the expected choices:

Garlic chives
Sage Some of these are starting to flower, so some bundles may include sage flowers (which are edible).
Orange mint
Kentucky colonel mint
Mint surprise
Whatever variety is thriving at the moment; may be one of the standards or something more obscure. 

Lemon balm
A nice addition to salad! 


We’re overloaded with eggs right now. Laying is well outpacing sales. After some discussion, we’re going to offer all regular members some eggs this week at no additional charge. Consider it both a sample of a product we’re proud of, and a mitigation (of sorts) of the late start to the CSA season.

These will be on the survey as a “produce” option, 1 dozen for full shares and 1/2 dozen for partials. World Harvest members will have to pick them up at our usual dropoff location in central Columbia, but we hope you’ll be willing to do so to give them a try. If you want more than that amount, you can still request them on the regular egg part of the survey and be charged as normal.


Milk is available this week, $7/half gallon. Learn more about our raw milk sales policies here, and our dairy herd management here. All purchasers of raw milk must sign our purchase agreement.



Our thanks to those members who made it out on Saturday for the Hoe-down! The weather was glorious and we all really enjoyed the combination of healthy work and outdoor music. We’re considering doing something similar in mid-late summer, combining a BYOB in-the-field tasting event with more music.

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