2014 CSA distribution #1

We intend to deliver the first CSA share of 2014 on Monday April 28 and Thursday May 1, featuring a combination of storage crops and overwintered crops, some of which will depend on conditions. After this share, there will be a multi-week gap while new crops continue to grow. We tentatively expect regular weekly deliveries to begin the week of May 19, but it could be a week sooner or later than that depending on vegetable growth (check our webcalendar if uncertain). Read on for useful information on upcoming farm events, our new Twitter feed, and more.

Members: Please be on the lookout for an email from us several days in advance of the distribution; the email will contain a link to your share customization survey. 

A few memberships are still available for 2014; sign up by Friday April 25 to get in on the first share. See the 2014 membership info for more details 

WEATHER & PLANNING2014_share1_3

We thought last year got off to a slow start; this year is even further behind given the significant, consistent cold of winter and spring. While the air may feel warmer, and a few nice days have been welcome, soil temperature is a driving factor behind crop starting and it’s really lagging. The chilly temperature of water coming out of our hydrants is the best evidence of how deep the soil cold goes.  April has been about three degrees below average so far, matching the trend since October. We pushed through a frenzy of seeding and transplanting during the rare warm days in early April (and continue to do so), finally starting the clock on many items, but even the fastest crops still take a month to reach harvest stage. The recent near-record overnight freeze created a lot of busy work covering (and then uncovering) most of these young plants, and we can just hope that it stays warm from now on to promote soil warming and plant growth. We’re as ready for fresh local food as the rest of you!


This will be a relatively small share, but we do have some tasty items that we’d like to share with members as a thank-you for waiting out this cold spring with us. This early share will also help us test this year’s customization survey and delivery routes before the main season kicks in. This share is heavy on alliums (onion family crops), both fresh and stored, because they store well and handle cold weather well.

Sweet potatoes
Small bulb onions
Garlic headfull shares only.
Leeks – the winter survivors will be going out in this share
Popcorn – choice of this or cowpeas.
Cowpeas –
quick-cooking cousin of black-eyed peas; no need to pre-soak. These make great hummus or refried beans. Or add them to a soup, serve over rice, or be creative with this versatile legume. Boil for 1-2 hours, salted, until soft.
Green onions
Maybe a small quantity of salad mix of spinach/sorrel/chickweed/collards? We know everyone is craving greens this time of year, but we have much smaller quantities than we’d like. We’ll see what we can do, but no promises.


The customization survey will provide herb options. These are available in abundance:

  • Chives
  • Garlic chives

The following are poking up out of the ground, but we’re not yet sure which will be suitably large for harvest by the time the share comes around:

  • Mint?
  • Tarragon?
  • Oregano?
  • Sorrel?
  • Lemon balm?
  • Catnip?

Sadly, we had a very low survival rate of thyme and sage plants this winter, so those will be limited for longer than we’d like. Replacement plants are in progress.


From our pastured flock, fed organic grains and farm scraps, $6/dozen. Available for home/work delivery, or for pickup at our regular dropoff location. Order through the online survey.


We’re adding a Twitter feed to our digital platform this year, intending to improve our communications with CSA members. You will NOT have to have a Twitter account to benefit from this, as the most recent tweets are now displayed in a prominent place on the farm’s website. You can also access this freely directly from Twitter.2014_share1_1

Using Twitter will allow us to make short, timely, public announcements that might clog up our blog or people’s email, in a way that’s public and accessible. This may also be a format for us to answer questions from individual members in a way that allows everyone to see the answer. As we are not consistently online, don’t expect immediate responses to questions, but consider using it if the question is one of general interest to other members.

For example, we intend to announce the arrival of shares at World Harvest, something that can be checked on our site in a moment, and to do so the same with egg dropoffs.  We recommend following/checking this feed one way or another to stay informed about farm happenings, just as you would the regular web site.


On Saturday, May 3, we’ll be hosting a two-part farm event for CSA members (& especially children!) giving you another chance to visit the farm and connect with us and other members.

  • 2 p.m.-3 p.m. Open house to meet the new goat kids, something that human kids (and adults) always enjoy.
  • 3 p.m. We’ll head out into the woods to hunt morel mushrooms. Families welcome; kids can enjoy looking for mushrooms and/or exploring our stream and its neat rocks. We don’t often find many morels here, but the more searchers the better the hunt; the specimen above was found May 4, 2013, so there’s a chance! In any case it’s a good excuse to go for a walk in the pretty spring woods: wildflowers will be in bloom, and migrating birds should be active in the woods.

You’re welcome to join us for either or both activities; all we ask is an RSVP for planning purposes.

2 thoughts on “2014 CSA distribution #1

  1. We’re having a garage sale Saturday morning, so I may be too flattened to even consider it, but if I’m upright, I’ll turn up for the afternoon. I think David is busy at some point in that time, and besides, a morel walk given the recent rains probably wouldn’t be doable for him, so it will just be me. 🙂

  2. The whole crew is planning to come at 2 to look at the kids and stay for morel hunting at 3. George is looking forward to looking at the goats and a walk in the forest.