Farm news: happy hour this Friday, email trouble, etc.

There are several issues of interest to existing or potential members happening at the moment, which we’ll lay out here partly due to some issues with email. On the farm, we’ve been using nice days for logging work (generating mulch for paths & orchard, lumber for projects, and fuel for biochar pits) and indoor days for accounting, taxes, planning plantings & the CSA, and other fun stuff.

Happy hour Friday January 31

Join us for a Happy Hour get-together at 5:00 pm this Friday, Jan 31, at Trey Bistro. Existing and potential members welcome! We’re in planning mode and would love input from existing members on various aspects of the CSA, and we’d just like to provide a winter opportunity to get together, as well. For prospective members, this is an opportunity to meet us and talk about CSA options. Trey has been a loyal wholesale customer for years, so we’re happy to support the Bistro with our business on this evening.

Email trouble

We’ve been having email trouble recently. It appears that our email host’s IP addresses were being used by spammers and became blacklisted, thus contaminating our reputation as well. Suddenly a number of domains, including AOL and Mizzou, were rejecting any messages sent from our domain/IP as spam, meaning messages to many of our members weren’t getting through. Obviously this was a serious problem, but dealing with such time sinks is just draining.

We ended up purchasing a dedicated IP address for our domain to (hopefully) eliminate such issues now and in the future, though this is another expense to be eaten by the business. We hope email is back to normal, but would encourage anyone who expects to get messages from us to (a) set our domain as safe in your own email settings, (b) check the blog on occasion for announcements, and (c) get in touch if you think you haven’t been hearing from us.

Keene Street delivery possibility?

We’ve had a potential member inquire about deliveries to a Keene Street location. This is outside our normal delivery zone, but given the cluster of medical/health locations, it’s an area we wouldn’t mind serving. However, we’d need enough people there to make deliveries worthwhile and/or affordable. If any current or potential members work in that area and would like to discuss direct delivery, please get in touch. We’d be able to reduce the delivery costs significantly with a couple more members there.

Winter egg sales

We’re going to try holding regular egg dropoffs every other week, probably on Mondays, and will use the farm’s webcalendar to note these dates & locations. Those who have been egg customers in the past will receive emails about these unless we’re told otherwise, whereas we won’t bother anyone who hasn’t been an egg customer unless you ask to be on the list.

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