CSA distribution #27 & newsletter

The final CSA share of the year will be on Monday, November 25 for all members (because we won’t be delivering on Thanksgiving day). We hope you’ve all enjoyed this year’s productive season, and will miss us over the winter! Members will be receiving a couple of important emails in the coming days or week; one will be an end-of-season survey, and another will contain information about rejoining for next year. We appreciate your membership and support for healthy local foods this year. We’ll be working throughout the winter, albeit at a more relaxed pace, to have the farm ready to go for spring.CSA27_1

We would like to collect all member bags, even if you’re rejoining for next year. You can leave your final emptied bags at World Harvest any time in the following week or so; we’d like to collect these by early December. For members with home/work delivery: If bringing your bag to World Harvest is inconvenient, please have an alternative container for us to transfer your final share into. For WH deliveries, you can bring a different bag/container and transfer your final share on-site. We have records of how many dedicated and loaner bags each household has had, and will get in touch with anyone we’re still missing. Or, if you’re interested in attending the December 7th open house, you can bring your bags back then.


Sweet potatoes Be sure to pull these out of the bag before stashing the rest in the refrigerator. They’ll store much better at room temperature.
Mercuri tomatoes
(full share only)

Turnips These will be the Purple-topped White Globe variety, usually a bit more potent in turnip flavor than the goldens or Hakureis. 


Because we’re plunging into a deep cold spell, with temperatures barely above freezing in the days leading up to this share, we’re going to need to harvest herbs before all of the survey results are in. Thus, we’re going to offer a standardized Thanksgiving mix bundle of herbs to all members. This will likely include thyme, sage, and parsley.


Soups, roasted mixed vegetables, slaws, and more all fit very well with traditional Thanksgiving menus; there are lots of possible variations in this diverse share. Most if not all of these items are quite stable, and should store well throughout the week or longer if you won’t be using them for Thanksgiving itself.




Next year’s members can thank current member Will for doing his part to control the vibrant local deer population that’s always a potential threat to tasty vegetables. In Missouri, we need humans to fill the ecological niche of wolves and mountain lions, but the legal hunting season doesn’t fit our farm’s schedule well. Eric doesn’t have much time to hunt during this still-busy time of year, but we were happy to help process this overpopulated threat into something more useful and nutritious.


We’re happy with this season overall, from our perspective (members will have a chance to give feedback soon). We met or exceeded most of our production goals, the shares were diverse, attractive, and tasty, and 27 weeks fits nicely in our expectation of 25-28. We’re now looking forward to a quieter life for a few months, working hard on our copious winter projects but without the demands of harvest, delivery, and worker schedules. It’s also time to rebuild the energy we’ll need to get going again next February.


Cold wet hands and farmers are the norm lately, as we handle harvesting & washing the rest of the year’s root crops and greens in our open fields and barn. We really like stretching our season to Thanksgiving for symbolic and culinary reasons, but outdoor produce handling this time of year is less than ideal.


Winter is here, and just in time to bring a fitting end to our vegetable season. We need some colder & messier weather to allow time for the accumulating indoor work we’ve been putting off while getting the outdoor farm in order. Right now we’re just hoping the slight chance of rain/snow/sleet for Sunday night through Monday doesn’t develop into something problematic for Monday’s double deliveries.

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