Planning the final four CSA shares

With four shares to go in our 2013 CSA season, we’ve spent some time discussing the remaining produce and how to best divide it among these remaining distributions. At this point most crops are stable, just waiting to be harvested and/or stored until used, with a few exceptions. Here’s a rough look at how we hope the season plays out. We thought this might be useful both for meal planning, and as a look under the hood of CSA management.

We have 25 varieties of produce remaining, not counting herbs, but there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Total quantity remaining (for single-use crops like carrots)
  • Regrowth rate after harvest (for certain greens)
  • Future storage qualities (some items can be held after harvest, like cabbage)
  • Current storage qualities (cured onions aren’t storing as well as we’d like)
  • Future weather (conditions affect crop quality in the field)
  • Produce match-ups (certain items go well with others in a share)

Keeping these and other factors in mind, here’s the rough grid of what we’d like to achieve down the stretch. None of this is a promise, just an outline of possibility.



One thought on “Planning the final four CSA shares

  1. Actually, that is both interesting and helpful. Thanks! *starts planning a few things to try*