CSA distribution #22 & newsletter

The next CSA distribution will be Monday October 7 and Thursday October 10. The week after (Oct 14 & 17) will be a break, during which we’ll celebrate our anniversary and continue to catch up on farm work, then we’ll be back to a weekly schedule of deliveries for a few weeks. At this point, it appears that we should have plenty of produce to do a distribution for the last week of October (the 28th & 31st), a week that we had initially marked as uncertain. With a couple weeks of visiting help adding to our workforce, we’re currently working hard on fall cleanup and frost preparation, enjoying the sensation of being ahead of the curve on this for once (thank the pleasant weather and late frost as well). Under the circumstances, this will be a minimalist newsletter.


NEW! Hakurei turnips These have almost gotten away from us in terms of size; they grow fast! A very nice addition to a fermented kraut or kimchi, among other possibilities. 
NEW! Green tomatoes
We’re pulling out all the tomato plants this week, and stripping the plants of what’s left, which will result in a nice pulse of green tomatoes. These are more versatile than many folks realize, and we’ve written several posts over the years on how to use these; see here and here for ideas. Unlike last year, we’re not expecting a huge glut; this may be the one and only chance at these. Will be a mix of sizes.
Winter squash
We were going to distribute all pumpkins, but we don’t have quite enough for everyone, so we’ll give a choice of varieties instead. The pie pumpkins are for eating, not for carving! We don’t often get around to a pumpkin pie, crust and all, but pumpkin custard is really easy to make, and it can be made with any winter squash. Bake the pumpkin first (as you would for any winter squash). Then we use a pumpkin pie filling recipe, which we bake at 350º in a 9×9 pyrex pan submerged in a 9×13 pan of boiling water for ~45 minutes, until a knife inserted near the center of the pie comes out clean. 
Lettuce heads

Fresh shelling beans We think there are enough for another week. The mix this week might include a higher percentage of small ones, particularly if the forecast tends more towards frost & we decide to strip the plants this weekend.
Napa cabbage These tend to store very well, many weeks by multiple accounts, so don’t feel overwhelmed by the size. Just keep working away at them, they’re too good not to enjoy.
Broccoli (for Monday) Last week’s distribution was uneven due to harvest quantities, so we’ll even it out. Monday fulls will get the same amount again, Monday singles will get the same amount Thursday singles did, and Thursday likely won’t get any to keep things fair. The warm weather may be messing somewhat with quality; we’re still on the learning curve when it comes to growing broccoli in Missouri.
Saute mix
Kale Almost certainly curly kale this week; really, we mean it this time.
Sweet peppers Quantities will be significantly lower.
Serrano/jalapeno/cayenne peppers
BACK! Onions Red &/or yellow storage onions, perhaps with a couple little cipollini onions thrown in for good measure.
Eggplant & Pac Choi  Both are done. Anaheims & poblanos are taking a week off to ripen more, but there should be another pulse. Pepper plants tend to be highest on our priority list to protect from frost.

Coming soon: Leeks, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes.


We’ll do sage/thyme with the beans again, plus 3 more bundles for full shares and 1 more for single shares.

Sorrel Lemon-flavored leaves make a nice addition to salads, for example. 
Thai red roselle
Almost certainly the last week for this.
Habanero peppers
Curly parsley
Flat-leaf parsley
Garlic chives
Mint (harvester’s choice)
Lemon balm

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