2013 CSA Fall Harvest Celebration details

Our 2nd annual Fall Harvest Celebration is coming up on Saturday November 2! We’ll provide a simple but hearty farm-sourced meal. Details, menu, schedule, and more below.


Above, members at the 2012 event observing the opening of our roasting pit.

CSA members & special friends of the farm are invited; please RSVP via the survey you receive no later than October 27. Children are of course welcome, though parental supervision is essential. Please understand that there will be hot fires, uneven ground, electric fences, and all the usual hazards of a working farm.


This is our opportunity to show off the diversity and quality of food we can make primarily from on-farm sources, which means we want to do the cooking and provide the ingredients. This is not a potluck, and we ask attendees NOT to bring food. Do feel free to bring beverages if you’d like something stronger than water or tea.

We’ll be featuring a few special ingredients that usually don’t go out in shares but that we do grow, including dried corn, dried beans, and popcorn. None of the dishes will be made with gluten-y grains,  though we use so much wheat in our kitchen that we can’t guarantee an absence of trace quantities. The same is true for soy. The RSVP survey asks for details on dietary needs/preferences; don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something we can try  to accommodate.

Here’s a rough idea of the menu, subject to change:

Farm-grown popcorn as an appetizer
Hearty stew, omnivore’s version: Likely ingredients: tomatillos, peppers, tomatoes, nixtamalized dent corn, dry beans &/or cowpeas, potatoes &/or sweet potatoes, carrots, shredded chicken, chicken broth. May include lard. Everything on-farm except the salt & the lime treatment for the corn.
Hearty stew, vegan version: Similar to the previous version but mushroom broth in place of chicken & chicken broth, and definitely no lard. Everything on-farm except the salt & the lime treatment for the corn.
Cabbage slaw and/or salad with a vinaigrette dressing
Hot herbal tea (mint/lemon balm)
Cornbread (probably, depends on egg supply)
Caramel popcorn for dessert, probably


2:00 Arrive anytime after this, with option to explore the farm yourselves, chat, and/or help with any last-minute prep. We’ll pull out our croquet and bocce sets. We welcome early arrivals, as this gives us more time to socialize. Farm-grown popcorn as an appetizer.
4:00ish “Official” farm tour if we have a lot of first-time visitors; otherwise, farm exploration is on your own schedule.
5:00 We’ll start serving the main course.
Into the evening Enjoy the ambience of the campfire. This is a great time to pull out musical instruments. We expect festivities to wind down no later than 10 p.m.


We welcome exploration of the farm, following the usual basic rules: Please close all field gates after you, assume fences are electric, stay in the major obvious walkways to avoid stepping in any growing beds, don’t reach over fences to pet animals, and generally leave things as you found them. If walking the woods, stick to the well worn loop trail. Please don’t leave the trail to explore the old homestead in the woods unless either Eric or Joanna is there to guide you, as there are numerous semi-hidden hazards.


We’ll send a map to those who haven’t been here before. We don’t have a huge parking area, so we may have to do some careful management of the space that we do have to accommodate everyone, depending on the number attendees. Please look for a sign at the gate for guidance on parking. We generally prefer that you park on the house side of the stream. If you have a very low clearance vehicle and do not want to cross the bedrock stream crossing, please park in the grassy area immediately to the left of our entry gate.

The campfire will be east of the house, near the kitchen & bathrooms. Food will be served at/near the house. Please note that the ground is somewhat uneven in places, so please watch your step as you navigate the area, especially after dark. Also, please stay on the cedar paths through the herb garden.


Please bring the following essentials:
– Bowls, silverware, mugs, napkins: we don’t have or use disposables, so bring your own washables. Any trash you bring goes home with you; we don’t have regular trash service here because we don’t generate enough to need it.
– Flashlights so you can find your car again after dark.
– Weather-appropriate clothing, including extra layers & comfortable shoes.
And consider the following optional items:
– Lawn chair/cushion/other sitting device. Cedar logs will be available to sit on, as well.
– Drinks other than our tap water or herbal tea, if desired.
– Musical instruments. Fiddles, guitars, or other campfire-suited instruments would be most welcome.

Please DON’T bring dogs or other pets; we simply can’t accommodate them.


This event will happen regardless of weather conditions. If conditions are poor, we’ll serve & eat in the house. In the rather unlikely event that flooding of our stream crossing becomes an issue, we’ll send an email update.

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  1. We’re both hoping/planning to be there, but with him out of town for the week and driving back in for the day, we might not have the extended hours we did last time. Need me/us any early for prep at all?