Thank you to our 2013 work-share members

We hosted a lunch on Sunday to thank our work-share members, who pay for their shares through work rather than cash. These folks brave the ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, heat, cold, rain, and more every week to help keep the farm running smoothly. They weed beds, harvest produce, mulch plants, move animal fences, turn compost, pack shares, weed beds, hoe beds, sharpen tools, squish squash bugs, weed beds, un-mulch plants, put up trellises, take down trellises, trim cedar branches, and more. Oh, and did we mention that there’s some weeding involved? We couldn’t do this without help, and we’re very grateful for the excellent crew we have this year. Thank you!2013_workers_1
Kim & Monica
This is Kim’s second year working regularly with us. She spends Thursday morning helping with share-packing, last-minute harvest, and any other necessary chores, then does the Thursday deliveries. Her diverse life experience (in farming and in general) has been very helpful to us, as has her sympathetic ear, ready wit, and committed friendship. She’s put up with every weather condition we could throw at her, including the hand-chilling spinach washing of last year’s January share (pictured), and has been integral to the success of our transition to CSA.

Monica spends most of her time as an intern at Goatsbeard Farm, but takes a break one morning a week to work with us instead and gain a different perspective on farming. We love her energy and enthusiasm for the values of sustainable farming, and are grateful to Jen & Ken of Goatsbeard for making this opportunity possible.
2013_workers_2Fae & David
This hard-working couple has quickly become a staple of our Monday mornings, helping with produce handling, share-packing, tool-sharpening, and much more. Their diverse skill set and ready smiles, along with a serious interest in home food preservation and creative cooking, add a great deal of value to our lives and farm.2013_workers_3The Sunday crew
Eric, Tyler, Jordan, and Rhett all devote a portion of their weekend to the cause, braving the weeds and the weather to earn some good food. They help keep the farm in shape, and us sane, by taking on many of the background maintenance tasks we can’t handle alone. Their diverse interests also lead to very interesting conversations that divert attention from the ticks and the weeds. This is Eric’s third year, Tyler’s second, and Jordan and Rhett’s first year working here, and it’s been a real pleasure building deeper connections with all of them.2013_workers_4Sara & Abe
Our longest-running workers, Sara & Abe have become close friends over the many years they’ve devoted a part of their busy lives to good food and exercise. They’ve helped us out nearly year-round in all weather conditions and most jobs on the farm, and have been the sounding boards for stress and sharers of joy through many seasons. Those smiles say it all about their attitude and devotion to this farm, and we’re so grateful for their friendship and support.

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