CSA event: Backyard Bird Count Saturday Feb 16

This coming weekend, we’ll be taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, and CSA members are invited to join us. This fantastic event is a joint effort by various organizations to crowd-source data on wild bird populations across the country; last year over 100,000 checklists were submitted with over 17 million birds counted. It’s a great chance for outdoors enthusiasts of any birding skill level to enjoy a morning on the farm and take part in some worthwhile citizen science. We hope some members can join us; details below.

We’ll be keeping checklists for the entire period (2/15-18) but invite members to join us on Saturday morning. If you’re new at this, we’ll help you learn more about basic birding & identification; if you’re a serious birder you can help us seek out unusual species. We’ll be hiking all over the farm, including the back woods, as well as watching/counting birds at our feeder while warming up with tea, snacks, and wood stove. We’ll officially start around 9 am, but will likely be going on a dawn loop as well. Please plan to arrive at 9 am to join our group, or let us know if you’d like to join us at dawn; RSVP either way. This will be a great opportunity to experience and appreciate some of the farm’s biodiversity, and we hope some hardy souls will join us.


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