Assessing the CSA, Part II: what members thought

A few weeks back, we set up an anonymous online survey for this year’s CSA members, asking for input on various aspects of the CSA experience. While our year wasn’t (and isn’t) over yet, we felt folks had had enough experience to give us a fair review, and we needed to start developing and defining our structure for 2013. Here’s a complete presentation of the data we collected; with a 90% response rate the answers can speak for themselves. Read Part I of this series for our view of the 2012 season, and to compare our take with members’. Part III will focus on what options and decisions we’re considering heading into 2013.

NOTE: While we also collected written responses, and valued that more specific feedback tremendously, we decided not to present the written comments here. It would have taken too much space to present all the comments, and too much time and thought to filter through them and present a fair and accurate selection. There were no outright negative comments, a few constructive ones, and otherwise all positive ones. We feel the data are representative of the comments, and can be presented without any intentional or unintentional filter on our part. Blog comments are certainly welcome with observations or questions.

The graphs below show the questions as stated in the survey. We’ll generally let them speak for themselves.

NOTE: On the last question above, we didn’t intend to imply forcing anyone to shift to World Harvest rather than home delivery, just the potential to expand and encourage that option, possibly through price differences. We are keeping home delivery as a core part of the CSA.



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