2012 September CSA potluck

We’ll be hosting a potluck for CSA members on Saturday, September 8 from noon-3pm. This will be a great chance to meet other members, share some really good food, and visit the farm. We’re asking members to RSVP by commenting on this post, sharing what they intend to bring, so dishes can be balanced without a lot of coordination on our part. Read on below for more details & guidance.

Feel free to be creative in what you’d like to make & bring: main dish, dessert, sides, etc. Hopefully we’ll all balance well enough; keep reviewing the comment thread here to check on others’ plans. If you’re not sure yet, even a general category at first is helpful for planning. All we ask is a few basic guidelines:
– Keep in mind others’ dietary preferences; we have vegan, vegetarian, & gluten-free members. While certainly all dishes don’t have to meet any or all of those desires, as we have plenty of omnivores as well, it’s something to consider. Basic labeling could be a good idea, especially if ingredients aren’t obvious (such as chicken broth in a soup).
– Keep in mind the basic food ethics of the farm. For example, we’d strongly prefer that nothing brought onto the farm include GMO ingredients, highly processed foods, or factory-farmed meats. We’d prefer that animal products in general either be from a producer that you know and trust (and preferably who avoids/minimizes feeding GMOs to the extent economically feasible) or if from a distant source that they be certified organic. If you’re not certain what is GMO and what isn’t, there are numerous websites with information about that, such as this one.
– Let us know in advance if your dish needs any special handling (has to be kept cold, has to be reheated, etc.). We’re hoping to serve & dine outdoors if weather permits.
– We’ll provide water to drink, and maybe iced tea; anything else is up to you.
– Please bring your own (washable, not disposable) plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and napkins. We’ll have limited quantities of such things for anyone who forgets. We don’t use disposables here and would prefer that others didn’t either. Aside from the ethics, there’s the practical concern that we don’t have an easy way of getting rid of smelly trash smeared with food such as disposable paper plates. We generate very little trash ourselves (none containing food wastes) and bring a dumpster in only every year or two to get rid of what dry trash we do generate.

– Please RSVP by commenting below with what dish you plan to bring, so others can see your plans. If you’d rather not use your full name, that’s ok as your email address (required to comment but not displayed on the site) should identify you to us. It’s ok to change plans and re-comment later if needed.
– If you definitely can’t come, please let us know in your next survey response if you haven’t yet.
– All immediate family/household members welcome.
– Please try to arrive on time so the food doesn’t sit out forever; once we’ve all eaten our fill, we can pack leftovers in coolers before rambling around the farm as desired.

7 thoughts on “2012 September CSA potluck

  1. We’re hoping to attend, but the new time is tricky for us as it’s right over Evan’s naptime. This doesn’t sound like a big deal… unless you’ve spent some time with an un-napped Evan. We’ll try our very best to shift things around that day.
    If we make it, I’ll likely be bringing some buttered new potatoes with fresh herbs.

  2. We are still hoping to be there, and still not sure whether it will be 2 or 3 of us. Not sure if you’re getting more feedback about what people want to make elsewhere, but I could make some bread. I have a couple of pickle types I’ve made with things you’ve brought us this summer I could bring for people to try. I’m willing to make pretty much whatever, but it’s hard to judge what is needed right now. 🙂

  3. Fae,

    Comments here are the only feedback so far. Bread & pickles sound like a great addition.

  4. I’ll be there. I was thinking of doing a baked polenta with some of the cornmeal I still have in my freezer and tomatoes, or a cornbread as an alternative. Possibly also some deviled eggs. If you need a desert or salad type dish I could do that instead.

  5. Hey. I will unfortunately not be able to attend the potluck this Saturday. Have a great time though!
    Take care,

  6. We’ll likely put together a sweet pepper salad and set out some fresh goat cheese. Mint iced tea is in the plans, and possibly a bit of hibiscus tea made with our own Thai red roselle (an experimental planting this year).

  7. We will be there; I was waiting to see whether yesterday’s share included parsley & mint before committing ourselves to bringing tabouli. We could also do something with applies, if you’re in need of dessert. Just let us know. Look forward to enjoying some tasty food & good company : )