Trey opening in August

Got a call from local chef Trey Quinlan with excellent news: he expects to open his hoped-for new restaurant around the beginning of August and wanted to get back on track ordering produce from us. This is very exciting; although I wonder how many excellent restaurants downtown Columbia can support, Trey’s a really good chef and serious support/proponent of local foods and I’m quite interested to see what he can accomplish on his own terms. Below are some details he graciously shared with me over the phone; any errors are mine (let me know, Trey!):

The restaurant, wholly owned by Trey & his wife (and in a way their 4-month-old son), will simply be called Trey. He’s shooting for a bistro setting, loosely Italian but heavily influenced by Midwestern farms & foods. At the now-defunct Red & Moe pizza, Trey’s focus on local-sourcing led him to put lots of time into preserving the harvest when available for later use, something that endeared us to him as it’s the best way to support farmers and ensure high-quality ingredients year-round. I assume he’ll be doing the same this time around, and he’s already checking with farms to get on their order/delivery lists for the opening. An August opening is great, as he’ll be able to start preserving the peak of summer bounty for the coming winter months.

Hours will be something like Tuesday-Sunday 11am-10pm, with bar hours until 11pm. They’re opening in the same space as Red & Moe (21 N. 9th St, next to the Blue Note) but completely redoing the interior, going for what Trey described as “industrial farmhouse”. It’ll feature a full liquor license, bar menu, some breakfast/brunch items with the lunch menu; seems like he’s really trying to cast a wide net this time to draw in diverse tastes and source as many interesting local ingredients as possible.

As farmers and food-lovers, we’re thrilled both to supply and support this new venture. I think he’s got the right idea, and I hope it works in what is a tight, competitive environment. We’ll certainly be a part of the adventure at both ends of the business.

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