Under Construction

We’ve finally made the switch to WordPress, allowing us to integrate our website and blog. But the site is still a construction zone with a good-sized to-do list. Feel free to comment on other features you’d like to see (or give advice on some of the items that remain on the to-do list).

Still to do:

  • Add content to static pages. We’re planning a far more comprehensive site than we’ve had in the past, with farm management info, organic certification info (for produce), info about products/services, and much more. Pages will also mine the content of posts. It may take years to fully achieve our vision for the content, but we should be able to move beyond the current skeleton of a menu within a couple of weeks.
  • Add a recipes section to the site. I might use a canned plug-in or I might try to program it myself so I understand the inner workings and can better maintain it over time. We’re planning to put significant effort into the recipes part of the site and want to use a format that will last. If all goes well, the recipes will implement the hRecipe format in a WordPress custom post type. And CSA members will likely be able to contribute recipes directly.
  • Consider adding an email subscription option(?) We’re debating about what to do with this one. WordPress automatically generates an assortment of feeds, including RSS, so readers can use various methods on their end to subscribe using that.
  • Come up with a fix for images that didn’t transfer well from the old blog. Most of the content imported with a minimum of headache, but some of the images didn’t make the final trip to the new site and are not rendering properly. I have a couple of ideas on fixes, but this is low in the priority list right now. (A direct import from blogger to the WordPress installation at cherthollowfarm.com didn’t work, so the blog took a detour to cherthollowfarm.wordpress.com, which took care of most of the problems, except for some of the photos that didn’t make the final leg of the trip. Grrr…)
  • Add content to the “biodiveristy” section of the site. This is a custom post type that we’re going to use to catalog both wild & domestic plants & animals on the farm. This is a long-term project. The most immediate use will be to provide info on various crops that we offer to CSA members. We also want to use it to keep track of varieties.
  • Ditch the old blog post categories and develop/implement a new, better-thought out category structure for blog posts.
  • Finish an assortment of behind-the-scenes work (including implementing a system of regular backup and coming up with a method for filtering comment spam that doesn’t cost us more $).
  • Monitor for any problems with site navigation, etc. Is the sidebar missing anywhere? Do the pagination buttons work as they should? Etc.

7 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. As a recent convert to WordPress for work use, I can sympathize with your love/hate relationship. So many cool things, if they’d only document just a little better.
    Overall, the new site is looking good and will be way easier to manage and search than the old one.
    All sites are continually ‘works in progress.’
    Congrats on the launch.

  2. Would you consider updating your RSS settings so that you can read your full posts in an RSS reader rather than having to click through to the site?

  3. Annette,

    I switched the option under Settings> Reading over to full text. The cherthollowfarm.com/feed/ page looks about the same, so I went to Google Reader to see if there was a difference. Full text is now showing up for most posts, except the one with an excerpt–something we’ve been thinking about using on new posts. So I might have to do a bit more research on that aspect of it.

  4. For our WordPress site I learned the hard way that I hadn’t enabled the automatically-included Akismet anti-spam plugin. I thought it was running (since it was there in my plugin list) and not doing a good enough job (had serious issues), but once enabled, it was fantastic. Of course if it’s running already AND you need a better anti-spam tool, nevermind!

    Congrats on the conversion to WordPress…

    • We don’t have Akismet running because they charge for business sites. Can’t say I blame them, but there are other options to slow down the spam without spending money. The plugin that I installed to require commenters to answer a simple arithmetic question seems to be pretty effective (so far) in achieving this goal.