2011-2012 winter food preservation

We take our food preservation seriously, finding deep value in detaching ourselves from the industrial food chain and the stress and bother of grocery shopping.  We like to keep records of our annual food preservation for our own information, and figure some readers may also be interested in the sheer diversity of foods just this one farm can produce and preserve; it can also be an inspiration to CSA members.

Here’s a mostly complete list of the foods we prepared and preserved over the past year, to feed us through winter and spring of 2011-2012, and in some cases through the following summer or fall until the products become available again (like fresh meat). All we really purchase anymore are staples like sugar, salt, flour, spices, vinegar, oil, and such, and those mostly in bulk so we always have them on hand. All items listed below were sourced from our farm unless otherwise noted.

Whole chickens (more lives ones available, too)
Pork from 300lb hog
Goat from yearling wether
Quarts of raw goat milk for yogurt-making when we’re not milking
Small containers of our chevre & ricotta
Whole okra
Shelled peas
Sweet corn
Shelled edamame
Green beans
Shredded zucchini
Whole strawberries
Strawberry ice (concentrated sauce)
Peaches (local)
Green tomato chutney (a few off-farm ingredients)
Tomato-basil sauce
Zucchini soup
Hot pepper sauce
Garlic scape pesto
Basil in oil
Basil pesto
Frijole mole
Tomatillo salsa
Roast tomato salsa
Smoked goose broth
Wild rabbit broth
Shiitake mushroom broth
Chicken broth
Sausage (pork & goat)
Cured/smoked bacon
Rendered lard

Green tomato pie filling (a few off-farm ingredients)
Cucumber pickles
Beet pickles
Green tomato relish
Zucchini relish
Piccalilli (vegetable relish)
Applesauce (local apples)
Strawberry jam
Apple butter (local apples)
Peach butter (local peaches)

Peaches (local)
Apples (local)
Anaheim peppers
Jalapeno peppers
Ancho peppers
Chipotle peppers (smoked jalapenos)
Cayenne peppers
Sweet peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Shiitake mushrooms

Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Goat’s milk cheddar & gouda, waxed & aging
Whole corn for cornmeal/polenta
Two 20 lb hams, cured & hanging
Sauerkraut, fermenting

Who needs the stress of grocery shopping, price comparisons, advertising, and brand competition when the home store looks like this?

2 thoughts on “2011-2012 winter food preservation

  1. I have been following your website for a while and your farm is an inspiration to us. We are making strides in our food preservation…