Market plans, October 22

We’ll be at market this weekend with a wide variety of produce, hoping to be noticed among the expected glut of produce salvaged from frost-sensitive plants.

Napa cabbage: Big, beautiful, juicy, tasty cabbages; they range from 3-7+ pounds each. We just love these for slaw, fresh kraut, stir fries, and more (but especially slaw). We can go through multiple heads a week, keeping a big bowl of slaw in the fridge. For more on using fresh fall cabbages, see this post from 2009; it notes that we hadn’t yet tried growing these for market sale. Now we have, there are lots, and they’re excellent.

Green tomatoes: I suspect the market will be overrun with post-freeze salvage produce like green tomatoes, which is always frustrating as the supply way outstrips the demand. I wish more people experimented with all the ways to prepare and preserve green tomatoes. We have…let’s just say an abundance.

Green peppers: Same as tomatoes, above. Our plants were loaded with developing fruit coming into this week of true freezes. We’ll be drying multiple batches of these, but hope at least some will sell. The pig doesn’t like these as much as green tomatoes, so some may end up as compost.

Garlic: As before, we’ll be bringing a large quantity of garlic, expecting people to be interested in both seed and storage garlic. Several varieties are sold out or low, but the overall quantity and diversity remain. We’ll start planting our own stock in the coming week.

Baby greens mix: Our very nice mix of young greens, including arugula, tat soi, mustard, mizuna, beet greens, and more. Great for sauteing, braising, soups, pastas, and more, or for strong/spicy salads. Featured on the menu at Red and Moe lately.

Baby lettuce mix: Tender young lettuce greens, great for salads with the season’s last summer produce.

Daikon radishes: A reasonably mild, long white radish. Works well for cooking or pickling, or slicing onto salads. Can have a bit of heat, though less so than many fall radishes, and gets sweet with cold weather.

Anaheim hot peppers: Mild-medium heat, great flavor. Small ones harvested pre-frost, great for stuffing with cheese and roasting, or for chopping into sauces.

Other greens: Collards and mizuna for sure.

Leeks: We love leeks, and these should be quite good with a few frosts under their belt. The stalks aren’t quite as long as we had hoped, but they are relatively thick, and they are tasty.

Herbs: Parsley is available in abundance. We’ll also have thyme, oregano, sage, tarragon, mint, and maybe some cilantro.

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