Market plans, September 3

Green beans: These are just coming on, with small quantities this week, but they’re quite tasty.


Summer squash: Lots of small, tender, high-quality squash for all sorts of uses. We go through many pounds of these a week ourselves. Try making a batch of zucchini relish; we tried this recipe this year and really like it (we replaced bell peppers with Anaheims and cut the sugar a bit).

Cucumbers: A mix of standard greens, sweet heirloom yellow/whites, and picklers. The whites and yellows are extra-sweet but seedier, while the greens are pretty standard. Pickles, cucumber salads, gazpacho, fresh snacks…there are many ways to use lots of fresh cucumbers.

Hot peppers: Green anaheim & jalapeno hot peppers. Stuff anaheims with chevre and roast for a tasty meal or snack; roast with tomatoes and/or tomatillos for excellent salsa; include in any sauce or stew for good flavor and a light heat. Jalapenos make great salsa and more.

Sweet peppers: Red and yellow sweet peppers are starting to yield well, though slowly. We don’t grow full sized bell peppers, but we’ve found several varieties of open-pollinated/heirloom sweet peppers that we think have amazing flavor and can be used just like bell peppers. These include: Doe Hill Golden Bell, a sweet, roundish, yellow-orange pepper that is Joanna’s favorite; Sheepnose Pimento, a sweet red pepper shaped similarly to the Doe Hill; Chervena Chushka, a pointy sweet red pepper with nice thick walls (& very slow to ripen this year); and Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Frying Pepper, an all-purpose narrow pointy pepper that is Eric’s favorite.

Salad/sauce tomatoes: Golf-ball-sized tomatoes with firm, meaty flesh and good flavor. Great for roasted salsas or sauces; also for salads because they hold together and don’t splort everywhere.

Edamame: Nearing the end of these. We were both stung by ground-nesting bees while picking this week, and have just about had it with edamame.

Okra: Two varieties, really producing well right now. Fry it in salted cornmeal, add to soups/stews/beans, use in Indian cooking…Okra also freezes very easily; just pop it in a freezer bag (no blanching) for easy use in winter stews. We freeze it by the gallon this way.

Garlic: All varieties available this week. Roast it, grill it, make salsa, make pesto…what meal doesn’t use garlic this time of year?

Onions: Market table space is currently very limited for us at the moment, so we’re selling onions by the braid; look for them hanging off of the tent. Both yellow and red onions are now cured. These are good storage varieties, and we personally plan to be eating from this batch of onions through March. We expect some percent loss in storage over a period of seven months, but storage of few weeks to a couple of months should be no problem for these when hanging these braids in normal kitchen conditions.

Herbs: Parsley, sage, thyme, mint, tarragon, oregano, green coriander, and possibly more depending on what looks good at harvest time.

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