Market plans, September 24

We’ll be back this week with an array of interesting items. Overall the stand will be smaller from now on, as we intentionally cut back on fall planting to allow more freedom to work on our CSA transition. For example, we’ve recently been establishing plantings of spring-yielding items like sorrel, spinach, and strawberries which we intend to use for early shares.

That being said, there will still be produce into October, and I think we’ll continue our every-other-week market attendance. I realize that’s probably annoying to customers and less than ideal business practice, but it works very well for us in terms of still making sales while gaining more time to work on the farm.

We’re starting to do some restaurant sales on the weekend, especially to Red & Moe. This cuts into our market supply but makes our harvest & sales workload more balanced and reliable compared to the uncertainty of market. Thus, most of the items below may or may not show up on the stand depending on restaurant orders through Friday.


Garlic: 11 varieties available. This is a good time to start thinking about stocking up for winter, or buying seed stock for October planting. We’ll start bringing more than usual to account for the uptick in demand this time of year, and several varieties are starting to run low (Chet’s is already gone).

Onions: Long braids work really well for households who want to stock up for a few weeks. These are really efficient for us to offer, and we like selling them this way, but at some point we may offer loose onions as well.

Green beans: Nice, young mix of heirloom beans with nice texture and flavor.

Mustard greens: Large leaves excellent for sauteeing or soups; I love these skillet-cooked with garlic and vinegar.

Mixed baby greens: A nice mix of spicy, flavorful greens good for cooking or strong salads.

Summer squash: These are still producing wonderfully, especially for a long-lived organic planting. Young, tender, and tasty.

Cucumbers: These are nearing their end, but there should be some of our tasty color mix available.

Sweet & hot peppers: Color mixes of sweet peppers, along with mildly hot Anaheim peppers.

Herbs: We will have cilantro, dill, parsley, thyme, oregano, mint, tarragon, sage, and possibly more depending on what looks good at harvest time.

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